Best Zombie Games for iPhone

iPhone Repair Jakarta - Games have indeed become one of the things that cannot be separated from gadgets, especially for young people. Games seem to be one of the things that must be on their mobile devices to get rid of fatigue and boredom. The many categories of games that exist today can certainly provide many game options to just spend free time or relieve boredom.

One game that is quite fun to play is the zombie game which is now a favorite of gadget users, including iOS users. Here are some of the best iPhone zombie games that you can download and play on your device:

1. Plants vs Zombies

This game has indeed been a popular game in Indonesia. Game Plants vs Zombies is a fighting game between various kinds of plants with dozens of types of zombies ready to attack the owner of the house. In this game, players will be directed to become a farmer who is required to protect his house from the attacks of wild zombies. To be able to repel the zombies, the farmer can use various kinds of plants in the yard and even on the roof of the farmer's house.

2. Zombie Highway

For those of you who want to feel the sensation of being chased by zombies while driving, then Zombie Highway is the right choice for you. In this game, you will play on top of a speeding car to avoid a group of zombies that will take over the city. But of course you can't easily get out of the crowd of zombies, because you will still be chased while driving on the streets. The zombie in the game will continue to jump towards the car and try to overturn the car you are driving.

However, you will be equipped with a variety of weapons that can be used to prevent the zombies from reaching your car and killing the zombies stuck to the car. You will feel both tense and exciting when destroying zombies.

3. Zombie RunnerZ

If in the previous game you played as a zombie conqueror, then in this game you will feel the sensation of being a zombie being hunted by justice enforcers. The game play is in the form of a running track equipped with various obstacles in the form of police, stones, and so on. The fleeing zombies must make it through these obstacles. There are also power ups on the crossings that can help the zombies become crazier so they can beat the obstacles and police that come in their way.

4. Walking Dead: The Game

This game is one of the most favorite and best-selling zombie games for the iOS platform. This is because the quality of the graphics and audio of the games offered is very impressive. In addition, this game is also supported by an interesting storyline where each player will easily dissolve into the story of this walking dead game. This game is based on a comic series that offers a challenging survivor experience.

Although the gameplay is quite easy, where you have to point and click, the epic graphic quality and audio support can make the experience of playing against zombies feel real.

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