Tips for Overcoming the “Ghost Touch” Annoyance on the iPhone Screen

iPad Repair Jakarta - Smartphone users often hear the term "Ghost touch" around device problems. "Ghost Touch" can be interpreted as a form of interference that occurs on the iPhone screen that suddenly moves without being controlled. The disturbance can be explained by the movement of the iPhone screen that occurs without the touch of your finger.

These disturbances can occur on all types of iPhone, both iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8 or even X and X”s. Of course, this problem is a very disturbing issue for iPhone users in carrying out their activities.

There are several ways that can be done to overcome the “Gost Touch” issue that occurs on the iPhone screen. These include everything from cleaning the touchscreen to doing a “factory reset” on your iPhone. Here”s a detailed explanation that you need to see:

1. Clean the Touchscreen

This first step is the easiest way you can do. By cleaning the screen, you can remove any type of liquid or substance adhering to the screen, so that your touchscreen can function properly.

2. Remove the Screen Protector on the iPhone Screen

Screen Protector is a thin layer that serves to protect the iPhone screen from scratches that may occur. Some users install a screen protector because it is considered important in protecting the iPhone screen from collisions or other damage. However, this one object can also interfere with the screen in operation, especially if the screen protector is dirty and damaged.

It”s better when your device experiences "Ghost Touch", you can remove the screen protector from the iPhone screen to find out if your touch screen is having problems because of the screen protector. If after removing the screen problem persists then there is another cause that you need to find out.

3. Restart Iphone

Restarting the iPhone is always a good thing if you experience various kinds of problems with the device. This step seems to apply to all types of interference, as well as if your device is experiencing “ghost touch” interference, you can also do this one easy step.

4. Do a Factory Reset on the Device

If restarting the device can”t be used to solve the ghost touch problem, then another thing you can try is to do a “factory reset” on your iPhone.

This step is the best way to solve problems with your device”s software. Of course before you reset the device, you need to back up your iPhone data. This is indeed important if you do not want your data to be lost.

Here are the steps you can take to reset your iPhone: open Settings, select General, select Reset, press "Erase All Content and Settings". then select Erase.

Finally, if you have done all the steps but the “ghost touch” interference does not go away, it is highly recommended to come to a trusted service place. Don”t forget to make sure the service place you choose has a reliable technician so that repairs can be carried out properly.

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