How To Handle Water Or Liquid Damage ?

What should you do if your iPhone or iPad has been dropped in liquid, spilled on, etc..?

  • Turn off your iPhone/ IPad immediately
  • Do not try to charge your iPhone/ iPad to learn whether it is turned on or off. Doing this might cause a short circuit to your iPhone/ iPad motherboard.
  • Bring to Dr. Gadget as soon as possible for best results. Each day the chances of successful repair decrease significantly. In fact there is only an 80% of successful repair when the damage has been done for 2-3 days.
  • If you take your iPhone or iPad to another service provider first the likelihood of successful repair drops to only 40%. This is due to inappropriate technique and the additional damage that most shops will do to your phone.

How does it work?

When you come into to Dr. Gadget our technicians will speak with you to determine exactly what your iPhone or iPad is suffering from. Then an examination of your iPhone or iPad will be performed at no charge. If your iPhone or iPad is a good candidate for treatment we will attempt to
clean your motherboard with our ultrasonic deep chemical wash.

If your iPhone or iPad is not a good candidate for repair we will inform you immediately. If we repair your iPhone or iPad and it is still not functioning well within the 90 days warranty, we will refund any fees you’ve paid for repair.

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