4 iPhone and iPad Features That Should Be On MacBook

Service iPad - For some time now, our devices have a lot more in common. Whether it's because cell phone manufacturers realize that some functions are more or just as useful on computers, tablets and/or computers or because consumers have certain demands, but there's a lot that's being introduced bit by bit.

Our smartphones have become devices that we use all day long and we have become accustomed to certain conveniences that they provide us. This is what we want to see on our laptop:

1. Mobile Connectivity - 5G

Apple has a lot of devices with options for combining phone connectivity: the iPad, the Apple Watch, and of course the iPhone. But this service was never included on his Mac. When we have an Apple laptop, we can only connect to the network via a cable, Wi-Fi connection, or through our phone. It would be interesting if they released this option for people who use laptops a lot and want to enjoy 5G networks whenever they want.

2. Substantial Improvements in Camera

The latest Macs out get a pretty good upgrade to the computer's built-in camera (1080p camera). To be honest, these seem to have improved a lot since the previous ones that had 720p, but even so, they're still a bit far from what we need on a Mac.

Apple can also improve the camera by using the iPhone's TrueDepth camera with its depth sensor. It might be a good idea to implement it only in the most professional models for now, for people who have a lot of activities that involve video conferencing.

3. Face ID

Another great feature that the Mac can incorporate from the iPhone and iPad is unlocking with Face ID. Apple took the first step by including Touch ID on some models, but unlocking the device with your face remains the easier and more secure option.

You can work and also to open some folders I have to verify your face first. This way you'll be able to do it so quickly you won't even notice he did it.

4. Touch Screen

There are already a lot of laptops on the market that have a touch screen and to be honest that is a very useful feature. No doubt, ever since touch phones came on the market, we have grown accustomed and accommodated to this function and sometimes it is very useful to have it on your laptop. While it's true that Apple doesn't appear to be including touchscreens on Macs any time soon, user requests may change Apple's mind and make it happen at a later date.

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