iPhone Video Editing Applications Without Watermarks You Must Try

iPhone Repair Services Jakarta - Since it was first introduced, the iPhone has indeed become one of the smartphone products with the largest users in the world. With its success in the world smartphone market, of course this one smartphone offers many cool features and applications that you can use to complete work or to just follow your hobbies.

Video editing applications are one of the applications that are widely used by iPhone users. With this application, you can easily make video edits to produce interesting videos, for example: cut, merge, add effects and text, as well as combined with sound and photo slides.

But not infrequently we come across a video editor application that uses a watermark in it. Maybe for some people the watermark can be very annoying and want to remove it but can't or have to upgrade to a paid or premium application first.

However, now you don't need to worry because with the following applications you don't have to worry about watermarks in the videos you make. Here are recommendations for iPhone Video Editing Applications Without Watermarks that you can get for free:


Apple products, whether it's PC computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, certainly don't miss this one application. This video editing application is made by Apple itself which of course can be very compatible with your iPhone. Not only that, you won't be worried about the watermark anymore because iMovie will not leave a watermark on the video creations that you make. iMovie has several advantages that you should consider.


Video editing application without watermark from Apple Inc. next is Clips. When viewed from the developer of the Clips application, of course you don't need to doubt the quality and also the suitability of the application with the iPhone. The use of this one application is also quite simple so that it can facilitate operation, especially for new users.

This application has excellent editing features, including live/animated text, video effects, emoji stickers, filters, and so on. Besides that, this application also has an excellent feature, namely that you can use Music Tracks, which is a music library that can be used to search for background sounds that match the video content you create.


Splice is a video editing application developed by GoPro, the GoPro camera development company. Splice has various features that can make it easier for users to edit their videos, for example: adding titles to videos, adding filters and transitions and trimming videos. Besides that, you can also do sound editing in Splice, for example: cutting audio, adding audio in the form of narration and also changing sound effects.


Quik is GoPro's watermark-free video editor application that is also quite popular. At first the application was known as Replay (this application has not yet belonged to GoPro) with the aim of making videos to be uploaded on Instagram. After the name changed to Quik, now this application is more aimed at the general public rather than just specifically for Instagram.

By using this application, you can make videos faster and easier. Simply by selecting a video or image, then enter the backsound then the video can be directly exported or saved to your smartphone memory.

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