Tips for Fixing Problematic Apps on Mac

MacBook Repair Jakarta - For those of you who may often open the news about OS X, trying and also installing interesting applications can of course be fun. By trying an application, if it is suitable, then the application will make you more comfortable to linger in front of the Mac.

However, one of the obstacles that are often experienced is problems with newly installed applications. Sometimes the application does not work as expected, so a solution to the problem is needed. Here are the steps you can take when the app isn't running on your Mac:

1. Check Mac Minimum Requirements

One of the habits of many people is not reading the minimum requirements for an application. Why is that? Because not all applications are designed to support older versions of OS X. Therefore, by reading the minimum requirements, you don't need to spend time downloading the application before you confirm the minimum requirements for the application. In general, each site will list the minimum requirements, such as OS X version and application size.

So if you already know the application is not supported by the OS, then trying in any way will certainly not make it run. The only way that can be done is to upgrade the OS to a version that supports it.

2. Running Applications In 32-Bit Format

Sometimes you need to set the application to run in 32-bit mode. This is common in applications that cannot support 64-bit mode on Mac OS X Lion and above. To be able to run an application in 32-bit mode, you can search for the application in question and display its complete information (Command+I) through the Finder.

3. Overwrite Broken Apps with Complete ones

Maybe you accidentally changed the contents of Google Chrome and doing so could cause the app to not run at all. Or maybe you've used some kind of optimizer that made some data in the app incomplete. Because the application can not be opened because the data in the application is incomplete.

If you use the Google Chrome example above, you can try using Time Machine to find a working version, then move it directly to the Applications folder.

4. Clear App Cache

Cache can indeed be a source of problems for some applications, which are generally related to the text or images displayed, for example iTunes.

To be able to find the folder that holds all the cached applications, you can simply call the Go to Folder window (Command+Shift+G) through the Finder. Find the name of the problematic application after which you can delete the folder in question. Caches are temporary data created to improve application performance. Therefore, deleting it will not damage any existing settings or files.

5. Clean App Settings

If you have tried everything, but it still doesn't work, then you can delete the settings. Actually it can be done by uninstalling the application, but why do you have to delete everything if the result is the same? Actually uninstalling the app only deletes settings and caches. So instead of deleting the app, you can simply delete the settings. You can open the finder then look for the folder in question, after that delete the file. Or you can also use an uninstaller such as AppCleaner.

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