How to Check If the iPhone Battery is Still Worth Using

iPhone Repair Jakarta - The battery is indeed one of the most important iPhone components. If this one component has problems, of course you will be disturbed in using the device for various activities. iPhone users can check for themselves whether the battery in the device is still worth using or not. Here are the steps you can take to check your iPhone battery yourself:

1. Apple Support Apps

The easiest way you can do is by installing the official Apple Support application and then logging in with your Apple ID if needed. The application includes a question and answer session with a technician. The technician will later tell you how, namely by going to Settings -> Privacy -> Analytic. After that, the application will check and will provide the results.

2. Third Service Provider Application

iPhone users can also install applications provided by third service providers other than Apple Support. But what you need to remember is that this application is not available on the App Store, so installing applications that come from outside official channels means that you have to take it at your own risk.

3. Apple Store

Not only selling products, the Apple Store is also an after-sales service center for users of Apple products. If you don't dare to install applications from outside the App Store which are indeed risky, then you can check the Genius Bar on the Apple page and make an appointment to come directly to the Apple Store.

Signs of a Troubled or Damaged iPhone Battery

After knowing the steps to check the condition of the iPhone battery, here's a review of the signs of a damaged iPhone battery that starts to run out quickly:

1. Inflated Battery

If we look at the condition of the bulging iPhone battery, it is certain that the cellphone battery has been damaged and must be replaced. It is known from several sources, the condition of the iPhone battery bulging if left alone can have the worst impact, namely the battery can explode. Therefore, the best solution for dealing with a bulging battery is to replace it with a new battery.

2. iPhone Often Turns Off

If you find the condition of your iPhone that often turns itself off even though your battery capacity is still full or has just been charged, then it's likely that your iPhone battery has leaked. Therefore, you need to calibrate the iPhone battery which aims to increase the accuracy of battery readings by your iPhone device. If after calibrating the battery but the iPhone still often turns itself off, then the best step to overcome this is to replace the battery.

3. Battery Percentage Changes Abnormally

As previously explained, a leaking iPhone battery can also cause the battery to run out quickly or drop. Therefore, if after calibrating the battery but the battery still runs out quickly or decreases, then you need to replace the battery with a new one.

4. iPhone Battery Can't Be Charged

One of the signs of damage to the iPhone battery is a battery that cannot be charged. If there is no problem with the charger and data cable when charging the battery, then you need to take it to a service provider for a diagnosis, and if it is your battery that is damaged, then the battery does need to be replaced.

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