Know Causes and Solutions for Broken iPhone Touchscreen IC

iPhone Service - Actually what causes the iPhone's touchscreen IC to be damaged? Some of you may have questions like this. Especially for those of you who decide to service the iPhone IC Touchscreen, or if your iPhone has just been diagnosed and sentenced to have damage to the touchscreen IC by a repair service. Therefore, in this discussion, we will explain what causes the iPhone's touchscreen IC to be damaged.

What is a Touchscreen IC?

The touchscreen IC is a micro chip, which is located on the logic board of your iPhone, where the position of the micro chip is behind the iPhone LCD screen. The micro chip serves to send information about your finger movements on the screen, process it, then send the information to the processor for later processing. After the information is processed, it will be transferred into a command (eg the command to open settings, applications and so on).

So if the touchscreen IC is damaged, of course, your finger movements on the screen cannot be recognized by the iPhone. So that your iPhone screen is not responding/responding to your movements. If it is like this, regardless of how many times you have replaced the iPhone LCD, the touchscreen function on the iPhone will certainly not be normal. Why is that? The reason for the damage is not your LCD, but the touchscreen IC on your iPhone.

Causes of Broken iPhone Touchscreen IC

Now you certainly know what a touchscreen IC is. Then what actually causes the iPhone's touchscreen IC is damaged? Based on information from Apple itself which is also supported by information from articles on the Lifewire blog, the causes of the iPhone's faulty touchscreen IC are as follows:

  1. An iPhone that frequently falls or hits a hard surface
  2. Errors with the shape of the casing (housing) which can cause the touchscreen IC to be easily shaken

Now try to remember again, did your iPhone just fall and hit the top? So if indeed your iPhone fell and happened to hit the top, then this is most likely the cause of the faulty touchscreen IC on your iPhone. Because the position of this touchscreen IC is on the top edge, and will be easily damaged if exposed to shocks or collisions.

Broken iPhone Touchscreen IC Solution

Now the question is what to do if the iphone is damaged on the touchscreen IC? If you are experienced and skilled in soldering, have a microscope and are experienced in disassembling iPhones, then you can try replacing the micro chip components yourself.

But of course you need to know if the work on replacing the IC touch will be very risky and can make your iPhone completely dead. If you don't want to take the risk, it is highly recommended that you use an iPhone touchscreen IC repair service that is already an expert and reliable. That way you will certainly get the best repair and satisfactory results.

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