Macbook Battery Can't Charge? Take Advantage of the Bandung Battery, LCD and Spare Part Promo

MacBook Repair Services Bandung - Is your Macbook battery not charging? If this happens, you can follow the steps in the article below. When you have a MacBook that can't be charged, it can really interfere with your performance. Where at that time, you really need it to do a task or job that is being chased by a deadline and of course everything becomes a hassle.

Therefore, here are some tips that you can do to overcome damage to a MacBook that can't charge. But of course beforehand it is very important to know the causes and obstacles that occur first. Here are the steps you need to pay attention to:

Magsafe port

This problem does seem trivial which is often not noticed. If your MacBook looks dirty, you can clean it using an appropriate tool. Avoid using metal materials, because this has the potential to cause a short (short) on the MacBook. Also, it's better to avoid cleaning it with liquid.

Condition of Damaged Charger / Magsafe Port Cable

The condition of the cable and charge port is also one of the problems that causes the MacBook to not charge. To solve this problem, first pay attention to whether there is a broken or chipped magsafe cable? The condition of the chipped or broken cable, in total can certainly be seen with the naked eye. However, if the condition of the cable on the outside appears to be in good condition, it is not necessarily the cable that is on the inside in good condition as well. If you experience a condition like this, you should try with another magsafe to be able to find out whether the magsafe condition is problematic or not.

Battery Is Damaged

A damaged battery is one of the factors that can make the MacBook unable to charge. In this condition, you can find out the status of battery performance by: holding down the Option key, then clicking the battery icon in the menu bar to display the battery status menu.

System Software Having Problems

Of the several steps mentioned above, perhaps this condition is the easiest thing to do. You can restore the macOSX system without having to reinstall it by resetting the SMC, resetting the RAM and also PRAM.

System Hardware Problem

This condition is the most difficult condition compared to the previous points. What you can do about this problem is to turn off your device and let it sit for some time to rest the device engine, so that the engine returns to its normal temperature due to overheating. The condition of the MacBook engine that is too hot can make the MacBook unable to charge. There are indeed many charging problems on MacBooks, the damage could be in the hardware problem of the ic charging component even to the ic power component (SMC).

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