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iPad Repair Jakarta - Broadly speaking, damage to the iPad or smartphone can be divided into 2 types. First damage to the system, and also damage to its components. As for system problems, on average, they can still be overcome only by using the flashing method. As for component problems, of course it will be more difficult if you have to repair yourself, and often the solution for this is to be replaced.

There are many components that are neatly installed in the iPad. Among them are various types of IC (Integrated Circuit) with their respective functions.

Then what is IC (Integrated Circuit) Power?

As the name implies, the IC is still related to the work of power on your device. Its function is to provide power voltage to other components, for example to screens, signals, other ICs, and so on. Of course, if this Power IC is damaged, it will be closely related to your device that cannot turn on.

When the power button is pressed there is no response, and in general, if it is charged, the charging window does not appear on the screen in general. As an analogy, we can think of it as a fan. If we turn it on, then the blades will certainly spin. But if it is damaged, then of course it will not be able to rotate. More or less the illustration like that.

Why Power IC Can Be Damaged?

Maybe most of you ask, why the IC Power on my device can suddenly be damaged? Whereas previously it was still normally used. Actually, there are several factors that make IC Power suddenly malfunction, even without being noticed by the user. Are as follows:

1. Devices Too Old

Over time, the components of the iPad, of course, decrease its working power and can cause the IC to malfunction at any time. Generally found on devices with a usage age of 5 years and over.

2. Charged Too Long

Most tablets or smartphones can get damaged if they are charged for too long. This is often experienced by users.

3. Often Too Hot

Indeed, there are some chipsets that often experience throttling and overheating. This may affect other components over time.

4. Exposed to Water

Make no mistake, iPad or other devices that are exposed to water can also damage the IC. Because these components are susceptible to corrosion if not quickly dried. As a result, sometimes it can hit the IC, or it could be on the track.

5. Due to Active Speaker

Power IC damage can also occur because the device is connected to an active speaker with a much different voltage.

Power IC damage is often the case. The characteristics of the damage are various, one of which is a device that cannot be turned on at all.

We all know, that any technology will not last forever. In other words, various electronic objects can be damaged even if we take good care of them. And when your Apple product is damaged, you can take it to our service experts at Dr Gadget iPad Repair Jakarta.

Dr. Gadget presents the best service in the world of repair or service of Apple products, be it iPhone, iPad or Macbook iMac. This Jakarta iPad Repair Center can repair your gadgets right in front of your eyes. Have repair experts who are very reliable and can diagnose damage to your gadget accurately.

Dr Gadget will also provide a warranty of up to 30 days to 90 days after the repair is carried out. No less interesting than they are very experts on IC and Motherboard problems, you also get a money back guarantee if your device can't be repaired. How, don't hesitate anymore, contact us now to get your favorite device you can use again. Or you can also go directly to the Dr Gadget service center closest to your location.

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