This Trick Can Improve Your Battery Health

iPad Repair Services Jakarta - The arrival of iOS 11 in its day was an important new thing regarding battery health or iPhone and iPad battery health, which allows us to precisely check what the percentage is. Since then we have more or less accurate control over the battery state of our devices, although it must be emphasized that this percentage may not correspond to reality. In this post we tell you the reasons why this doesn't always correspond to reality and what can be done to improve the indicator again.

Resolving Doubts About iOS Battery Health

Regarding the health of the iPhone battery, many questions are often asked, which we find convenient to explain. In the following sections we explain a bit more about what these percentages mean.

Is it normal for this percentage to drop?

While it's true that no component lasts forever, the reality is that there are many components that tend to last longer. However, there are others like battery whose percentage drop is more noticeable in less time. It is quite natural for the battery to wear out and while there are several methods to take care of the iPhone battery, it is ultimately inevitable that after a certain time it starts to wear out.

Sometimes it's more visible and sometimes it's less noticeable, because such device management depends on other factors like optimizations made by that software, the settings we set of the device or the charging method used. So, in conclusion, you should know that whatever you do will always end up lowering this percentage, either over a longer or shorter period of time.

It's not really accurate

In iOS 11, the version that came to iPhone in 2017, Apple implemented a feature that is still there today, namely battery health, accessible from Settings > Battery > Battery health. The display shows a percentage where 100% is the maximum health level and which will indicate that the battery is at full charge without experiencing any wear and tear. The algorithm used to calculate this percentage is very complex and it is very difficult to accurately determine the extent of battery damage.

That's why, often times, the percentage drop can suddenly be seen or even stay at a high level when the battery is actually experiencing noticeable wear. Therefore, we should always treat it as a simple indication. Because even some Apple experts have been able to confirm this and it's a lot of confusion that worried users often cause.

Considering that sometimes it's normal for the percentage to suddenly drop a few percent, the reality is quite possibly confusing. This sudden drop could be due to several factors, one of which is a faulty battery, even though the phone is brand new. In this case, you will have to go to an Apple authorized technical service to have it guaranteed and they can replace the battery for free, as this is caused by a defect completely unrelated to your usage. On the other hand, it could only be a problem with the algorithm that calculates battery health and therefore not real.

What to do if it's really a real problem

If you do notice that your battery is experiencing a very sudden drop that isn't adjusting as it should, there's most likely some real damage to it. If it's an iPhone or iPad that's a few years old, that's normal as we warned in the first point, but not on a device that's a year or less old from the first use.

At that point, you should go to a technical service or service center and ask for help so they can verify the origin of the problem. If it is detected that the battery is indeed faulty, they should carry out a free replacement and even more so if it is a factory defect and not a malfunction caused by the use of the device. And of course it's still under warranty.

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