Does Your iPad Have a "Green Screen" Problem?

iPad Repair Jakarta - A less common problem with iPads is that the screen becomes dim or "blurred", often dominated by a single color, usually green, red, or blue. This “Green Screen” issue can be caused by a simple software glitch, where the fix is ??easy, or it may even be a hardware issue, which can be a bit more difficult to fix on your own. Here are the initial steps for you to take that might fix it.

First: Restart your iPad

The first step in fixing most problems is to restart your device. When you put iPad in sleep mode by clicking a button on the top of the device or closing the Smart Cover, you don't actually turn off iPad. To turn it off, press and hold the button for a few seconds, releasing it when iPad prompts you to click or swipe a command to turn it off. When you see this message, swipe with your finger and iPad will turn off.

Once the screen is completely dark, press and hold the lock button until you find the Apple logo on the screen. At this point, you can release the button. The iPad will take a few more seconds to boot up completely.

Next: Reset to Factory Defaults

If a simple reset doesn't work, the best thing to do is to reset your iPad to the state it was in when you first bought it. This includes deleting all of your iPad settings and data, so it's very important to back up your iPad first, preferably using iCloud. If you have an iCloud backup, you can restore from that backup during the reactivation process.

You can reset iPad by going to Settings, selecting General Settings, and scrolling down until you see the Reset option. To reset to factory defaults, you need to select "Erase all content and settings". iPad will ask you to confirm your selection before proceeding, and the entire process may take a few minutes.

After the iPad restarts, it will walk you through the steps to set up the iPad for use. One of these steps includes logging into your iCloud account and restoring it from a backup. Once this is done, most iPads should be back the way they were before starting the process.

If Reset iPad Doesn't Work?

If you're still having problems even after restoring your iPad to factory defaults, you may have a hardware problem. The best way to deal with this is to go to the various Apple product technical services at Dr Gadgets.

The problem with the colors may be because something is loose on the iPad. Many people have been able to fix this problem by giving the iPad a hard smack on the back. Of course, any time you physically tap or hit a device like an iPad, you run the risk of getting damaged, so this is more of a last resort. If you're still under warranty, you might want to play it safe by just getting your iPad repaired through warranty at Apple.

Before you try, make sure the iPad is in sleep mode. You should not leave the screen on while you are trying to fix it. Suggested advice is to hit the iPad in the back with three hard hits. You shouldn't hit it hard enough to break something, but hard enough to fix the problem. If this doesn't work, you can try tapping the iPad on the back in the top right corner. This is where the problem may lie. Some users sit down and slam the iPad against their knees to do so.

Again, you shouldn't use enough force to physically damage the iPad, so don't use all your muscles in it. You should also use this tip as a last resort. While it's actually a bit silly and we don't fully recommend it, it's fine to give it a try. But there will be a risk that other parts will also be damaged.

We all know, that any technology will not last forever. In other words, various electronic objects can be damaged even if we take good care of them. And when your Apple product is damaged, you can take it to our service experts at Dr Gadget iPad repair Jakarta.

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Dr Gadget will also provide a warranty of up to 30 days to 90 days after the repair is carried out. No less interesting than they are very experts on IC and Motherboard problems, you also get a money back guarantee if your device can't be repaired. How, don't hesitate anymore, contact us now to get your favorite device you can use again. Or you can also go directly to the Dr Gadget service center closest to your location.

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