Easy Steps to Overcome the Disabled iPad

iPad Repair Services Jakarta - Are you looking for a way or solution for an iPad device that is experiencing the problem of suddenly being disabled or disabled? Usually the error message that appears on the iPad screen reads "iPad is Disabled" or "iPad is disabled", accompanied by the sentence "try again in 1 minute" below it. Or in the settings it says "try again in 1 minute".

Users who have tried to enter the iPad password several times but are still detected incorrectly, may get a different message, for example, try again in 5, 15 or even up to 60 minutes. Then why actually this can happen? And what is the solution to solve it? Check out the following reviews.

Causes of iPad Disabled

For security reasons, iOS devices are indeed equipped with the iPad device lock feature using a password, Touch ID or Face ID for the latest iPad. But there are things that users also need to know if they enter the iPad password incorrectly for 5 tries, it can cause the device to be disabled for 1 minute. But what if the problem occurs when the user does not feel that he entered the password incorrectly or even the user did not enter the password at all?

One of the common causes of this problem is due to an error in the touchscreen or ghost touch on the iPad device, causing the iPad to type a password randomly or randomly. Another factor that may be causing the problem is the possibility when the iPad is stored in a pocket or bag with the screen still on or on, resulting in random touches and random random typing of passwords. Or maybe because of someone's negligence.

Then what is the solution to overcome the disabled iPad?

There are several ways that iPad users who experience the issue of the iPad being disabled can do, including the following:

1. Wait according to the time that appears on the iPad screen

In general, after the words "iPad is disabled" or "iPad is disabled" will appear the estimated time needed to wait so that iPad users can re-enter the password correctly. After the password field has reappeared, you can enter the correct password and use the iPad as usual.

2. Factory Reset Your iPad

Before doing so, you need to Backup your iPad data. After that, go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Contents and Settings. You may be asked to enter a password later. For the record, you must enter the password correctly and correctly. You will get a choice of "Erase iPad" or "Cancel", choose Erase iPad Then, wait for about a few minutes until your iPad is finished resetting.

3. Via iTunes

The trick is to run iTunes on your computer, then connect the iPad to the computer using a data cable. You may later be asked to enter a password or the "Trust this Computer" option. Then, select your iPad device, then open the Summary menu. After that, click Restore to continue. iTunes will process the factory reset to then install the latest version of iOS.

4. Unlock iPad with iCloud

If you make a “Find My iPad on iOS device or Mac” setting, you can use iCloud to erase as well as restore it. This can be done to erase the device and its passcode. The steps are as follows:

-        First connect the device to Wi-Fi or another internet network.

-        From another device, then access the address icloud.com/find.

-        If prompted, you can sign in with your “Apple ID”.

-        Click All Devices at the top of the browser window.

-        After that, select the device you want to remove.

-        To erase the device and its passcode, click Erase [device name] to

Now you can restore from a backup or set it as a new setting.

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