These Things That Are Considered Trivial Can Make the iPhone Screen Damaged Quickly

iPhone Repair Jakarta - It is undeniable, that this "now" smartphone seems to be a mandatory object for most people. Starting from waking up in the morning until before going to bed at night, one of the things you are looking for is a smartphone. Because it is on the smartphone screen that our "world" is located.

But, the most disturbing thing is when suddenly your favorite smartphone experiences problems or damages. Even though we ourselves have taken care of it as best we can. One of the problems or damage that is often experienced by iPhone users is the LCD touchscreen problem. The problem that most often occurs is a cracked screen that is even broken.

Therefore, so that you avoid the problem of LCD damage, here are some causes that make the iPhone screen damaged quickly:

1. Scratches on Screen

You certainly shouldn't ignore the scratches on the iPhone's LCD screen. Because no matter how small, these scratches can reduce the sensitivity of the screen without realizing it. In general, these scratches appear because the iPhone was dropped, scratched by other objects, or other reasons. Therefore, it is very important for you to install a screen protector or anti-scratch to be able to protect the iPhone screen. In addition, anti-scratch can also reduce damage to the screen.

2. Rough Use

Not a few of the iPhone users who use the touch screen in a way that can be considered quite rude. For example, using your fingernail, pressing with all your might, or even worse trying to use a pointed object, such as a pencil instead of a stylus pen. Because of that improper use, in the end the iPhone becomes damaged quickly.

3. Cleaning the Screen in an Improper Way

Actually there is nothing wrong if you frequently clean your iPhone screen. But do not do it carelessly or carelessly. What you need to avoid while using your iPhone is touching the screen with dirty hands. Because the spots that may arise from the hands on the screen can make you continue to clean the screen with a cloth or clothes.

So, without realizing it, it can make your iPhone screen scratched. If you do this habit continuously, it can make the iPhone screen damaged quickly because it is often under pressure.

4. Putting iPhone in a Tight Pocket

As previously mentioned, one of the things iPhone users fear the most is a cracked or even cracked touch screen. This could have happened because it started with a fine scratch that occurred on the screen or because Ana put her iPhone in a pocket that was too tight or too narrow. And this is often taken for granted.

You need to know, if the scratches that occur on the touch screen can reduce the durability of the screen. This of course can lead to problems later on.

If you often do this habit, then it's better from now on you avoid it. Because, this habit can make the screen become depressed in the pants. Better to use a special place or wallet that you can use to store your iPhone.

5. Putting iPhone Away

Most iPhone users usually often ignore this one thing, namely placing the iPhone close to objects that contain magnetic fields, for example near televisions, radios, computers, or other electronic goods. But did you know, if the magnetic field can harm the screen on your iPhone. Therefore, it is better for you to keep your iPhone away from these items. Because the magnetic field from electronic items that are too strong can cause problems on the touchscreen display.

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