Avoid These Trivial Mistakes So Your iPhone Doesn't Get Damaged Quickly

Service iPhone - It's no secret that the ability of the gadget can certainly decrease over time. All gadgets will certainly experience it, including high-end gadgets, namely the iPhone. The component that is most often experiencing a decline is the battery. The battery is a vital device because this component plays a role in supplying power to all parts of the gadget. If the battery is exhausted, the damage can certainly spread to other gadget components. Therefore, to make your iPhone battery last longer, avoid the following when using your device:

1. iPhone is left plugged into electricity even though the battery indicator has touched 100%

No need to worry if the battery indicator has not reached 100 percent. It's even better if you unplug the battery before it hits 100 percent. Batteries that are charged to 100 percent usually tend to be damaged more easily in the long run.

2. iPhone is used until the battery is drained

The iPhone battery uses a lithium ion type. This type of battery will be damaged if it is not charged at all. When the battery indicator is below 10 percent, then you better charge your device immediately.

3. Exposing the Gadget to Hot or Cold Temperatures

Your gadget will feel a little different when you are in a place or room with hot or cold temperatures. Temperatures that are too hot or cold are the enemy of various electronic objects. The normal temperature so that your gadget can work smoothly is in the range of 32 - 80 degrees Celsius.

4. Using iPhone While Charging

Using the iPhone while it is charging can of course hinder the charging process. Therefore, it is better not to use the iPhone when the charging process has not been completed.

5. Allowing the iPhone to Enter a "Deep Discharge" Condition

iPhones that are left in a state of power off for too long will enter a state known as “deep discharge”. The "deep discharge" condition is a condition where the battery cannot accommodate electricity according to its initial capacity. You will certainly feel a loss because the life of the iPhone when the battery is full will be shorter than its original condition.

6. Do not turn off unused functions during the charging process

During the charging process, it is better for you to disable unused gadget functions. For example, a screen light that is too bright or too bright, GPS, and so on. The goal is that the electric current that enters the battery can be more optimal.

7. Using Fake Chargers

Each gadget manufacturer has actually compiled their products with their own specifications. Therefore, it would be much better if you use original devices and accessories that have been adapted to the needs of the iPhone. Using different accessories and charging devices can risk damaging the battery.

8. Leaving the Auto-Update Function Always On

Auto-update can make your iPhone always connected to the internet so that it can make battery wasteful. While software updates are important, battery life is also important. You can turn off the auto-update feature and only manually update the software.

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