Solution to Overcome Mac that Won't Boot or Turns Off

MacBook Repair Jakarta - Are you having problems with your desktop Mac or MacBook that won't turn on, or won't boot past the Apple logo? If the problem occurs, you don't need to worry because in most cases the problem can be fixed. Here are the steps you need to take to start your Mac as before:

1. Check If Your Mac Is Connected to Power

Although it looks trivial, but it really needs to be checked first. Because you might forget to plug the power cord into an electrical outlet in the room. For Macbooks, you can try plugging in or plugging in the power cable if the device won't turn on using just the battery, which means it's either a dead battery or a damaged battery that needs to be replaced immediately.

2. Power Cycle

The next tip you can do is run a power cycle. It completely cuts all power traces from the Mac which then allows you to restart from scratch.

For newer MacBooks, disconnect the power cable and then press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds. As for older MacBooks, you can unplug the power cord and remove the battery for about 10 seconds. If you're using a desktop Mac, then unplug the power cord for about 10 seconds too.

Next, reconnect the power and then try restarting your Mac. This step might be a solution to turn on the Mac device. Pressing the Power button in this way is the same as pressing the "reset" button or pulling the plug. In general, this method also works on cellphones, as well as almost any other gadget that doesn't allow you to remove the battery, so that's something to keep in mind.

3. Boot in Safe Mode

When your MacBook won't boot, try to remember what you did when your MacBook last worked. Are you installing apps, tweaking fonts, or have you previously tweaked the system? If your Mac boots up but can't get past the Apple logo or login screen, then booting into Safe Mode might try to fix it.

The trick is to press the Power button on the Mac, then immediately press and hold the Shift key. Keep holding it until you reach the login screen, then you can continue as usual. Safe Mode can run a lot of diagnostic tests, then booting a version of macOS can turn off many features. This way the Mac won't run startup apps, install fonts, and so on while it's in this mode.

When your Mac boots into Safe Mode, you can start uninstalling new apps, wiping hardware, disabling startup items or undoing any other recent changes that could be causing problems with your device.

4. Reset SMC

The System Management Controller (SMC) plays a role in controlling a number of basic Mac functions. The system takes care of everything from keyboard backlighting to battery management to handling what happens when you press the Power button. Resetting the SMC is one solution to all problems, including if your MacBook won't turn on.

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