7 Tips to Get the Most Out of the iPhone 13 Mini and Pro Camera

Nearby iPhone Service - If you have upgraded your phone to iPhone 11 or iPhone 13 Mini Pro, the main reason might be the camera. It can easily be said that this is the best feature of this iPhone. In this article, we'll take a look at tips to help you get the most out of taking photos and videos on your new iPhone 11.

Selfie of Many People (Wefie)

The first thing we wanted to find was the expansion of the front camera's field of view. If you take a selfie on the iPhone 13 Mini Pro, there are two arrows you will see at the bottom. Clicking on it will widen the field of view, making it easy to take selfies with several people. The cool thing is that if the phone is rotated, the field of view will expand automatically.

Photo Night Mode (Night Mode)

The second thing we discovered too was taking photos in night mode. One of the things Apple has done really well is making Night Mode something that turns on automatically when you're in low-light situations. However, you can still make some adjustments in Night Mode to take some different style photos.

When Night Mode is activated, you will see a yellow indicator at the top of the screen, indicating how many seconds the shutter will remain open. Press the button and you can scroll to select the amount of time. Night mode will last up to 30 seconds. However, you'll only see a maximum of 30 seconds if the phone is very stable on something like a tripod.

Timer / Timer Settings

So in iOS 13, Apple made some changes to the way you set timers. At the top of the camera app, you'll see the Chevron icon. If you click on it, you will see several options appear at the bottom of the screen. One of them is the timer option. Here, you can choose a three-second or ten-second interval.

Live Video Filters

Another great option on the menu is Live Photo Filters. If you select this option, you can see real-time photo and video filters applied. You can scroll through the different options. We think the best part about this feature is seeing what the effect looks like in real time.

Take Quick Video

The Camer app in iOS 13 also adds an Apple feature for Quick Take videos. When you hold down the shutter button, iPhone will start recording video instead of taking burst photos. We enjoy this feature because it allows you to record videos without missing anything. Also, you can swipe right to take a video instead of holding down the shutter button.

Swipe Left for Photo Burst

Of course, you may ask, "how to take burst photos?" In iOS 13, instead of swiping right, you have to hold down the shutter button and immediately swipe left. So it's a little different here from iOS 12. For iPhones and iPads prior to iPhone 11, click and hold the shutter button at the bottom of the camera to take a burst photo. This change is only on the "iPhone 11" series: press the shutter button then press left and hold it for as long as you want to take continuous photos. To stop taking photos, release your finger.

Change Frame in Camera App

Changing the frame directly in the camera app has been a long-requested feature for the iPhone. It's finally on this one phone here. With the built-in camera app, you usually have to dig into the settings to change the video frame. Now if you switch to video mode, there is an option at the top right of the screen to finally change the resolution and frame directly in the camera app.

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