Replace iPhone Battery? Dr. Gadget Trusted iPhone Service is the Place

Service iPhone - iPhone devices definitely use the battery as the main power source. After the device is used for a certain time, the battery must experience a decrease in capacity or what is generally called a leaky battery.

There are several signs that the iPhone you are using has shown signs of a leaking iPhone battery or one that needs to be replaced immediately. Of course you need to replace it at a trusted iPhone service place, such as at DR. Gadgets. But before that, first know the characteristics of the iPhone battery that needs to be replaced in the following review:

1. Inflated Battery

A bulging battery that then presses against the screen is one sign that you need to replace the iPhone battery immediately. When the battery has bulged, in general the problem will affect other hardware or usually the screen color changes in certain parts. If left too long, the battery bulges that are too large can damage other devices so that it can make repair costs even more expensive. For example a problem with the screen, Touch ID or maybe some other part.

2. iPhone Often Turns Off Suddenly

Is the iPhone that you are currently using doesn't have a problem in the form of a bloated battery but often experiences problems that often turn off suddenly? An iPhone that often turns off suddenly is also a sign that your iPhone's battery needs to be replaced immediately. This condition occurs because the current given from the battery to the iPhone is not stable or is below the required requirement. So that when the applied voltage drops, the iPhone device turns off suddenly and of course this becomes a problem that is quite annoying and inconvenient.

3. Charging More Often Than Usual

Try to remember, a week after you buy a new iPhone, how many times do you have to charge it in one day? Then try to remember, after a year you use the same iPhone, how many times do you need to charge it in a day? How about next year? Maybe there are times when you feel “too tired” because you have to charge your iPhone several times a day? This is also a sign that it's time to replace the iPhone battery.

4. iPhone Can Only Be Used in Charging Conditions

iPhone can only be turned on and used when in charging mode where after the cable and charger are unplugged, the iPhone immediately turns off. This condition is also one of the easiest signs to know if the battery is damaged and of course it must be replaced immediately.

5. iPhone Overheats, Battery Rises Down Very Fast

Does your iPhone feel very hot even when you're not using it? Does the battery percentage on iPhone devices often go up or down quickly and also messy? Some of these things are signs that the iPhone has a problem with the battery and should be replaced immediately.

Similar to the problem of battery bulging, the iPhone that often feels and the battery percentage goes up and down randomly that is allowed to continue can cause other hardware problems.

If you are one of the victims of purchasing a counterfeit battery or your current battery is no longer working, Dr. Gadgets can help. You will get the best spare parts for your device to optimize iPhone performance. All batteries provided by Dr. Gadget nergaranist for 60 days.

What's not less interesting is that they are very experts on IC and Motherboard problems, you also get a money back guarantee if your device can't be repaired by the iPhone Service team. How, don't hesitate, contact us now to get your favorite device you can use again. Or you can also go directly to the DrGadget service center closest to your location.

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