Characteristics of a Broken MacBook LCD

Service MacBook Jakarta - LCD or monitor screen on MacBook is certainly one of the most important components. Of course this part of the MacBook's output system must always be in the best condition to make the device usable normally. Keeping the screen in good condition and avoiding damage is one of the things that must be considered.

When the MacBook LCD is damaged, it is certain that the MacBook cannot function as it should. Knowing the damage quickly, of course, can make you immediately take appropriate action for the problem. Here are the characteristics of LCD damage on MacBook that you need to know:

1. Blank LCD

This one problem can often occur, namely damage where the LCD cannot display any activity or display. The screen can only show one color display, for example black, white or another color. MacBook can display the display normally when paired to an external LCD, such as a projector. If the projector appears the same display or remains blank, of course you need to take it to a trusted service center to get a solution.

2. Striped LCD

Any damage that occurs to a MacBook or iMac, the damage generally emits a beeping sound, as well as the LCD. This one damage is indeed one of the most common damage to the MacBook LCD. When turned on, the LCD on the MacBook will appear a line either in the form of vertical or horizontal.

These lines can be permanent damage, meaning that if a line appears on the LCD just once, the line will exist continuously and cannot be removed. The line may change, for example, when there is damage for the first time, a thin line may appear either vertically or horizontally. But if left continuously, it will increase again until it becomes a lot and even becomes full so that the LCD is no longer visible.

3. Spot / Goomy LCD

MacBook consists of 2 devices, namely the input and output devices of the computer. The LCD is one of the most important parts because the LCD is the output part of the MacBook in displaying the various activities you do on the device. When the LCD is damaged, there will be various characteristics, one of the characteristics that can be considered quite light and often not noticed is goomy on the screen. Goomy is a white spot on the screen. The white patches appear brighter when compared to other parts of the LCD.

Besides that, the shape is also not that big, which only looks like a small circle or small dot on the LCD but it does look very clear. If there is only one point, it means that the damage has not been so severe. But if you have found many points that are almost similar to the goomy, these problems can be very annoying when used. Then you better immediately check the condition of your MacBook to a trusted service place.

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