Exclusive Games for iOS But Not for Android

Nearest iPhone Service - It must be admitted, as an operating system, iOS has many advantages when compared to its competitors, Android. The advantage is not in the number of users; but other advantages that are recorded to carve a much larger number are in its features.

Some of the advantages that can be felt by many users in general are related to the speed of processing applications and data, ease of use, a more complete Apple ecosystem, and also in terms of security.

The exclusive impression of the iPhone is also further strengthened by the presence of various applications that can only be used via iOS devices. Starting from applications that are used for various activities, to game applications. If you look at the numbers and types, there are many options that you can try.

The rapid development of various types of games that only exist on the iPhone certainly cannot be separated from the growth of the industry itself. The presence of more qualified graphics with gameplay can be a special attraction which of course will be very difficult to resist by many iPhone users. Then, what games are only available on the iPhone? Here are some of them:

1. P1 Select

This dungeon crawler type game is equipped with a story that uses many twist elements. You can play all the fun on one screen. At the bottom of the screen, you'll find a maze, complete with walls, monsters, and an exit on the other side.

While at the top of the screen, you can see several choices of abilities that the hero can do. When you start playing, you may be a little dizzy to see it. However, the more you concentrate and complete, the more fun this exciting game will be. It's simple, but doesn't detract from the fun and thrilling elements.

2. Euclidean Skies

If in Lands you will play a game that uses a turn-base mechanism with a background similar to Rubik's, then attack the enemy with moves like a chess game. While in the game Skies, you can destroy the location of the battle.

This shows that the developers have completely revamped the elegant gameplay using elements of chaos and destruction. So your job in this game is to eradicate the monsters by rearranging the landscape, finding your way to the door, and many other fun things.

3. Sid Meier's Civilization VI

At first, the game developed by the studio Aspyr Media, Inc. it can only be played via PC and console. However, not long after this exciting game was successful in the market, the developer launched a mobile version.

Through the iPhone screen, you will be invited to explore and also uncover the mysteries of the world. This game that uses open-world gameplay aims to dominate all civilizations in the world.

Like an explorer from a history book, you will be asked to conquer certain areas, loot the treasures of local rulers, and also defeat the enemies that stand in your way.

4. Warbits

In this game you have to be able to manage your troops, direct them to attack or defend, then be the first in the battlefield. In the Warbits game, there are many battles that you can complete.

However, it is certainly not the type of battle that comes from carrying out attacks. You also have to set a strategy. Where you have to guide 16 troops under your leadership to be able to win the battle. Therefore, you must understand the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy.

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