Mac and MacBook Often Turns Off? Fix it with the Following Tips

Service MacBook Jakarta - Are you a user of famous personal computers produced by Apple such as Imac or Macbooks with old series? If so, do you often experience problems where your Mac or MacBook often turns itself off suddenly?

Knowing the problem why Macs and MackBooks often turn off by themselves is the first step that must be done. Why is that? Because it is these steps that will later determine how actions must be taken to overcome them.

For example, from the search and diagnosis carried out later suspected if the damage lies in the software of the computer. If this happens, then you can try to fix it yourself with some of the tips below. However, if the damage occurs to the hardware, then of course like it or not, you have to take the computer to a trusted service place.

If the problem occurs in the software, then you can follow the following tips:

Mac Safe Mode

If you have a Mac or MacBook that often shuts down during a normal boot, then your first step can be to fix it by putting OS X or macOS into safe mode. Usually booting into safe mode like this can isolate all the problems in the software that make the Mac suddenly turn itself off.

But please note that the process of booting into Safe Mode can take a long time, because Mac OS X or macOS must perform various activities, such as disk verification and so on. Then if you have successfully booted, you can exit safe mode by restarting the Mac. But keep in mind, in this restart process do not press any buttons.

Using Apple Diagnostics or Hardware Test

Apple Diagnostics, or also commonly referred to as Apple Hardware Test, is a technique from Apple that can be used to detect hardware damage to Apple computer devices. If it is in the diagnostics process that damage is found, then you can find out directly. Indeed, that's the advantage of using a computer from Apple. In using the device that you have purchased, you can really have full control of the device.

Reinstall Mac

This tip is the easiest step you can take to repair Macs and MacBooks that often turn off by themselves, by reinstalling MacOs from scratch. By installing it, most Mac problems can be resolved instantly.

It's the same thing when you use Windows as an operating system, when you reinstall MacOs to be able to deal with your MacBook often turning itself off, your Macbook will be very light. This is because junk files, viruses, or mallware on your Mac or MacBook can be permanently deleted.

Even though it's fairly easy, installing this OS can cause your files and settings to be lost if they aren't stored properly. Therefore, it is highly recommended before you do a reinstall, it is better if all data is stored or backed up properly.

Those are some ways you can do to deal with a MacBook that often turns itself off. If it doesn't work either way, then you need to take it to the nearest MacBook service.

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