MacBook Air: Most Common Problems and Solutions

Service MacBook Jakarta - With the launch of the MacBook Air that uses the M1 processor, new possibilities will open up for Apple lovers. But having a new laptop doesn't guarantee you won't run into any damage. MacBook Air has problems and quick solutions that you can check before taking it for service.

Can't Turn On MacBook Air

  • Check if your MacBook is completely off or just the screen. Does the fan still appear in the rotating laptop? Is the caps lock button still on? Does pressing the power button make a clicking sound? If you answered "yes" to the questions above, the problem may be related to your screen, and you should move on to the next issue on our list.
  • Check for power problems. If your MacBook is completely dead and won't turn on, learn the basics first. Is your battery charged? Does your laptop work when the charger is plugged in? Does it work with a different power cord? This indicates a problem with your battery or power cord. You should unplug everything (including mouse, mobile device, etc.), from your MacBook and see if that helps fix the problem.
  • Restart your MacBook. You can reboot by simply holding down the power button for at least ten seconds and releasing it. Press the power button again as usual to see if your Mac restarts.
  • Remove additional memory and delete updates. Sometimes updates or software updates and additions can make your MacBook stop working in permanent mode. This is rare in the Air version, which is built with a very compact design and withstands most modification attempts. However, if you have added memory or changed something else, be aware that removing those updates may solve your problem.

Screen Not Working

  • Try a hard reset. If your screen is blank, but your laptop appears to be working, press and hold the Power button for at least ten seconds, then release it. Then press the power button once, as usual to turn your MacBook back on.
  • Update your MacBook. If you experience problems with the external display, try another connected external monitor. Once you have access, go to System Preferences and select Software Update. If your Mac isn't the latest version, be sure to install any updates you find for firmware, macOS, or other MacBook-related operations.
  • Use Apple monitors. Make sure the second display adapter you are using is from Apple. MacBook Air doesn't always work well with third-party devices.

MacBook Air Battery No Longer Charging

  • Check the adapter and charging cable type. If you have a MagSafe charger, the L and T model adapters may work on the same computer, but the MagSafe 2 connector may not work on that computer. However, an L or T adapter can be used on the MagSafe 2 port, as long as you use an additional adapter to connect it. Apple has a visual guide to help you outline the different types of connectors.
  • Check the adapter cable and port for damage. If you use the correct cable on the correct MacBook Air, make sure there is no damage to the cable or adapter port.
  • Try changing the electrical outlet. Unplug the adapter for a minute and then plug it back in. If it miraculously starts charging after this interruption, then you have a line fault in your electrical outlet. Charge your Mac in a different outlet or unplug the equipment in the current outlet to see if that fixes the problem.

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