How to Enable Find My iPhone and Why It's Important

Nearby iPhone Service - Interestingly, even while this one is such a useful and important function that even in those times of sadness and stress when we can't find our iPhone, any Apple device doesn't have the Find My iPhone option enabled by default. . So we have to activate or turn it on ourselves.

While it's true that this shouldn't be a problem for many experienced users, who even know that this option exists, the same isn't the case for those who don't have much experience with using the device.

However, it is true that it is a useful function when we need to track our device when we lose it, being able to know where its last known location is. What's more, it can offer other additional options that, depending on the particular moment, can be very useful.

For example, this feature offers us the possibility, through the appropriate iCloud options (by accessing the official Find My iPhone iCloud site), to play a sound, activate Lost Mode or delete data on the device so that no one can see it.

In the case of the Lost Mode option, it is true that it is a very useful function when we lose our Apple device and we don't really know where it is, so we can show a phone number that can be found by someone who finds it and enter a warning text or notice. All of these will be displayed on the same screen.

Apart from that, it also allows us to know how much battery is left of the device, and when was the last time the device was in a certain known location. While all of these are very useful, there is a problem that we should always take into account: for Find My iPhone to work properly, it is necessary and important to have it enabled on the device. Which is basically that before we have to activate it on the Apple device which may be lost to find the approximate location.

Turn on Find My iPhone on iPhone or iPad

Keep in mind that while this service was once known as Find My iPhone, it's actually available for all the Apple devices we've previously used with the same Apple ID. This means it's a valid option for your iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Mac mini, iMac, Apple Watch, or even AirPods headphones. Therefore, it is highly recommended to enable it on all our devices.

To do this on the iPhone or iPad, we need to go to the Settings section, which we will find, as usual, on the home screen. We have to click on our Apple ID, and then we click the Search button. Now, we will first find the option that interests us, labeled Find my iPhone, which is definitely in the Disabled position. To activate it, we simply click on it and then slide the button until it turns green. And from then on, the feature will be activated.

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