Keep Your MacBook Cool With These Tips

Service MacBook Jakarta - The new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with the M1 chip don't require this as the two devices rarely overheat. But if you have a portable Mac of a certain age, it's natural to be afraid of summer because of the temperatures the computer can tolerate.

It's perfectly normal for your MacBook to get hotter and hotter, especially as time goes on and dust inevitably builds up inside. This means more effort to gain circulation, more heat, and less processor performance. That is why we are going to give you some tips that will help you to reduce the temperature of your MacBook.

Your MacBook Should Stay Out of the Heat in Hot Summer

You can control your computer's temperature thanks to data from its own sensors. To get it, we can use a free application, which will be added to the macOS widget bar. Alternatively, you can also check this temperature in CleanMyMacX, along with the other functions it offers.

Typically, CPU temperatures fluctuate between 50 and 70ºC, although this depends more on the application you're using. If you find that the temperature is approaching 100ºC without opening anything too demanding for high performance, it's time to find a way to cool down your computer. Having said that, here are tips you can apply to make your MacBook cooler:

  • If the temperature rises despite using daily programs, you can try using alternative applications that do not use a lot of power. This won't be found on Macs with newer models, but we've seen more than once how using Safari instead of Chrome on a 5-7 year old MacBook results in improved performance and lower temperatures. The performance of the native browser does its job better.
  • Avoid opening too many applications. Start only the programs you will use and close the rest. Watch out for apps that start in the background, without you noticing, when you start your Mac.
  • Be careful with the cover, especially the material which is stiff and designed to never be removed. The cover can provide heat because it does not allow optimal air circulation.
  • Turn off your MacBook while you are using it. Wearing it permanently is a bad habit: in addition to consuming more power, it makes it even hotter. If you're not going to use it for more than two hours, turn it off.
  • Do not use your MacBook on a soft surface such as a pillow, bed, or sofa. It is best to use a rigid, smooth surface that allows proper dissipation of temperature. You can help yourself with some sort of cooling fan, which will help you lower the temperature of your Mac a bit with this external fan.
  • Do not use or leave your Mac in direct sunlight, in a car in the middle of summer, or on a stove or other heat source. The worst thing that can happen is that you will only add external heat to your laptop by doing these things.

We don't want to end without getting this done: Keep in mind that Macs always tend to get hot when they turn on. There's no need to get overwhelmed if that happens, it's inevitable and especially on older Macs with accumulating dust and mechanical versions of hard drives (conventional HDDs). These tips will help reduce the temperature, but won't turn your Mac into ice cubes, far from it.

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