Football Game Lovers Must Try These Best Games for iPhone

Nearest iPhone Service - Games are indeed one of the right choices to get rid of boredom, whether you are on a trip or when you feel bored. Who doesn't love soccer games? This game genre can indeed provide a different experience for game lovers.

Even though the World Cup is over, of course football doesn't stop. Most football game recommendations are only for devices with Android OS or maybe for PCs. Because iOS and also products made by Apple are usually not specifically for playing games.

Products made by companies from California, United States are generally used for more specific needs. However, it is not impossible that you will also find fun soccer games on the App Store. Here are the recommendations for the best iOS soccer games that you can try:

Football Cup

Because it is played on iOS, this one soccer game is not so graphically stunning. Understandably, because the size of this game is not too big. But of course, if you only use it to fill your spare time, it seems that playing the iOS Football Cup game is one thing that is quite entertaining.

eFootball PES

For you iOS users, you don't have to worry about being left behind by those using Android OS, especially when it comes to playing games. How not, you can already enjoy the excitement of eFootball PES. You can also download this game for free on the App Store.

However, make sure your iPhone has at least 2GB of RAM to be able to play this game smoothly. Because on Android phones, the new iOSeFootball PES game is smooth when played on a cellphone with 3GB RAM capacity.

FIFA Soccer

You can also play this exciting game on iOS devices. Just like playing soccer in the real world, FIFA Soccer also presents various world's elite competitions. In this game, you can play soccer and feel the atmosphere of winning the Champions League? If you are curious, immediately try this iOS game.

Football Manager 2021 Mobile

As the name of the game suggests, you can feel the sensation of being a world-class soccer coach. You can even match various soccer stars in the squad you form. How interesting is not it?

Street Soccer League

Street Soccer League is one of the best recommended games for those of you who like street football. Because in this game, you will enjoy the sensation of playing soccer in the parking lot or playing around residential areas.

In this game, you can also play with top-class teams, such as Germany, Portugal, Brazil and Argentina. The developer of this game for Android as well as iPhone is Mini Sports and it has also been downloaded more than 1 million times.

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