Is Your iPhone Cannot Receive Incoming Calls? Know the Cause and Solution

Nearby iPhone Service - Maybe you are currently experiencing the problem of iPhone not being able to receive incoming calls. This problem will of course be an obstacle for you to be able to communicate smoothly. But, if you as an iPhone user are currently experiencing or are facing this problem, you should not worry too much because there will be the best solution for the problem.

Factors That Cause iPhone Can't Receive Incoming Calls

Mobile phones are indeed a device that also has its drawbacks as a human-made product, and the iPhone is no exception. When the iPhone can't be used to receive incoming calls, first you need to know some of the reasons why this problem can occur. Here are some possible causes:

Haven't Enabled Some Settings

iPhone that can not receive calls can also be caused by some settings that are still disabled. Therefore, you need to look at the settings regarding the phone as well as calls. Make sure everything is set securely and correctly so that you can receive calls.

Device Not Updated

Software that has not been completely updated can also be one of the causes of an iPhone that cannot receive incoming calls. Therefore, you need to check for updates on your phone. If the software requires an update, then you need to do it immediately so that the iPhone can receive incoming calls.

Network Problem

An unstable network can also be one of the causes of the iPhone not being able to receive incoming calls. In general, the words "No Service" or "Searching" are seen. Therefore, make sure the network is stable so that incoming calls can be detected.

Solutions for iPhone Cannot Receive Incoming Calls

Here are some things you can do to solve the problem of iPhone not receiving incoming calls:

Contacting the Operator

The first step you need to do is contact the operator. But first, you need to make sure that the account you use is ready and you don't need to re-login. Also, make sure your iPhone is not experiencing any local service issues or problems.

Also check that your iPhone is not experiencing any errors in the carrier system. After that, you can report wisely regarding the problem you are experiencing. The operator will generally help you to solve the problem.

Update Software

iPhone unable to receive incoming calls can be resolved by performing a software update. However, first check your phone for any updates. The trick, go to the operator settings menu and then see some updates.

Check iPhone Settings

Another step you can take is to check the settings. But, before that you need to enable and then deactivate airplane mode again. Then, go to settings after that check it.

Make sure that the setting is disabled. Apart from that, you also need to check for blocked phone numbers. Make sure there are no blocked numbers, unless there is a need for each user.

If you have, you also need to see active call forwarding so that it is in the disabled position. In general the iPhone cannot receive incoming calls because the silent caller mode is active. If this happens, then you must disable it so that incoming calls can be detected. If the setting is on or on, then the caller's number must be registered in contacts.

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