Your iPhone Can't Connect / Connect to WiFi? Here are the Tips to Overcome it

Service iPhone - After upgrading to iOS 12, some iPhone users have complained about problems connecting their devices to a Wi-Fi connection. But some other users are also experiencing connectivity issues after they missed the iOS update. If your iPhone is currently unable to connect or connect to Wi-Fi and the Wi-Fi button in the Settings app is grayed out and unresponsive (Wi-Fi Grayed), the problem your device might be experiencing is the Wi-Fi chip overheating. .

There are a few tips and tricks you can try to reconnect your iPhone to Wi-Fi. However, beforehand, it's a good idea to check and see if other devices can connect to the same Wi-Fi. This way, you can determine if the problem is indeed with your iPhone or with the Wi-Fi router. However, if the Wi-Fi router is not having problems, then you can try the following steps:

1. Force restart iPhone

The trick is to press the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button simultaneously. Do not let go until the screen goes blank and the Apple logo appears. If you may have an iPhone 7, 8, or X, the restart instructions are slightly different.

2. Make sure Airplane Mode is turned off

You can use Control Center if you want to make sure Airplane Mode is turned off. It's easy, from the bottom of the screen swipe up (or down from the top right for iPhone X). When you are in Control Center, look at the Airplane Mode icon near the Wi-Fi icon. If you left your iPhone in Airplane Mode after a recent trip, then your Wi-Fi is indeed disabled. Tap the icon if you want to disable Airplane Mode.

3. Forget Network

It's easy, you can directly open Settings, then General, Wi-Fi, then select the icon next to the Wi-Fi name then select 'Forget this Network'. After that, try to find a Wi-Fi connection again from the beginning.

4. Reset iPhone Network Settings

Your phone's Network settings contain all kinds of information, including connection data and preferences for mobile networks as well as Wi-Fi. If one of the Wi-Fi settings is damaged, it can prevent your device from entering the Wi-Fi network.

The solution for this is to reset the network settings. If this is done, it can delete some preferences and also stored data related to connectivity. To reset the settings, you can follow these steps:

-        Select Settings.

-        Then select General.

-        Swipe down, then tap Reset.

-        Then, click Reset Network Settings.

If you are asked to confirm if you want to reset these settings then “accept”.

5. Update iOS Software

To find out if you have upgraded your iPhone to the latest software settings, follow these steps:

-        Select Settings.

-        Select General.

-        Select Software Update.

When the screen shows an update is available for iPhone, then tap Download and Install.

6. Restore iPhone to Factory Settings

If you still can't connect to a Wi-Fi network? You may need to take drastic measures i.e. restore iPhone to factory settings. This method can erase everything from your iPhone and then return it to the condition it was in when your device was out of the box. But before you do this, you can make a complete backup of all the data on your phone.

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