Best Apple iPhone 11 Pro Camera Tricks

Service iPhone - Knowing that your phone has one of the best cameras on the market is not enough if you don't make the most of it. Now that you've had the new iPhone 11 Pro for a while, how well do you get the hang of it? There are many iPhone 11 Pro camera tricks that can help you enhance your artwork.

It's not just about capturing an important moment; it's about creating the best, most creative and unique images, different from the rest. It is important to note that this iPhone 11 Pro camera trick will also work on the 11 Pro Max, but since the standard iPhone 11 camera is different, you may not be able to use all the features.

Change Lens

To switch between the three available lenses, in the Camera app look at the bottom for buttons marked 1x, 2, and .5. Touch 2 and you have a telephoto lens ready to take photos with 2x optical zoom. Press the .5 button and you will switch to wide-angle.

It's worth noting that when you take photos with a normal lens, the black bars on each side will display content that is "out," that is, that won't be captured. However, it does give you an idea of ??what the image will look like if you opt for an ultra wide lens.

Night Mode / Night Mode

Apple joins other phone makers in adding a night mode to the iPhone 11 Pro's camera. It works as expected, making low-light and night photos look brighter and more detailed, without sacrificing quality.

This is one of those iPhone 11 Pro camera tricks that won't be available unless the conditions are right. This is not an alternative that you can use at any time. It will only activate in low light conditions (low or dark) and when the iPhone thinks it can make a difference. When it's active, you'll see a moon-like icon in the top-left corner of the screen (bottom-left corner in landscape mode).

When you press it, the icon will turn yellow and a new scroll wheel will activate above the shutter button. The icon will have a number on it, which will indicate how long it took the phone to take the photo, based on the current lighting conditions. This can be adjusted with the scroll wheel above the shutter. The most recommended thing is to leave the timer automatically when taking photos. The results can be quite impressive.

Portrait Mode / Portrait

Apple's portrait mode sets the trend in the industry. To activate one of the best iPhone 11 Pro camera tricks, you need to use the button above the shutter button in the Camera app.

Since the iPhone 11 Pro comes with iOS 13, you can try the High-Key Light Mono effect, which is the last alternative in the list of available options. Instead of erasing everything around the subject and replacing it with black, as Stage Light Mono did, this method adds a white background.

As with all portrait modes, select Edit in the gallery and you can visualize what the photo would look like if you used different lighting options. Another useful feature of Portrait mode is that it reduces the subject. By default, the zoom level is 2x. When you press the zoom button located at the bottom left, you switch to standard focus mode, giving you more functionality when your subject is close. Finally, you can make adjustments to the lighting effect with the hexagon button in the top right corner.

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