8 Tips to Increase MacBook Battery Life

Service MacBook Jakarta - Like other laptops, MacBook batteries, regardless of model, can run out quickly depending on how they are used. If you work with heavy-duty processes (modeling, video editing, etc), play games or watch marathons on a streaming service, you should already know that without an electrical outlet nearby, it won't last long. We have listed some very useful tips that will help extend battery life.

1. Create MacBook Display Battery Percentage

This is a very simple adjustment, and helps to keep an eye on energy consumption:

  1. Click the battery icon in the macOS Menu bar;
  2. Click Show Percentage.
  3. And ready.

2. Check MacBook Battery "Health"

Still on the battery icon, macOS displays information about the MacBook's battery status to indicate whether or not it's time to replace it. The messages are as follows:

  • Normal: Battery OK;
  • Needs to be Replaced Immediately: The battery is working but has less charge. Take note;
  • Needs Change Now: Battery works, but charge less. Service your MacBook;
  • Check Battery: The battery is not functioning properly. Service your MacBook.

3. Use Power Saver

Power Saver is a native feature, a panel customized for MacBook operation. You can access it by clicking the Apple Menu, then System Preferences. With it, you can:

  • Enable Automatic Graphics Switching, which switches graphics modes to maximize battery life;
  • Set the period of non-use to turn off the monitor;
  • Put the hard drive to sleep if possible;
  • Turns off the backlight when in standby mode;
  • Turn off Power Nap, turn off email and iCloud checking when idle.

4. Adjust Screen Brightness

The screen has always been one of the most power-hungry components, so adjusting the brightness settings is important.

  • Click on the Apple Menu, and then on System Preferences;
  • Click on Monitor, then on the Monitor tab;
  • Drag the brightness slider to adjust the monitor brightness.

5. Adjust Keyboard and Touch Bar Lighting

MacBook keyboards are backlit, which isn't always as useful as promised. If you use your laptop during the day, in a bright environment, it is much better to minimize the use of resources to save energy:

  • Click on the Apple Menu, and then on System Preferences;
  • Click on Keyboard, then on the Keyboard tab;
  • Check the box for Adjust keyboard brightness in low light;
  • Turn off the keyboard backlight after and set it in the shortest time (the shortest is five seconds).

If you have a MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar, you can also adjust its brightness:

  • On the Control Strip, tap the left arrow icon ;
  • Tap the brightness adjustment icon (highlighted in the image above) to adjust the Touch Bar brightness.

6. Turn off Bluetooth

Many don't realize it, but Bluetooth drains a lot of energy from devices, including MacBooks. So if you're not using it, turn it off:

  • Click the Apple Menu, and then in System Preferences;
  • Click Bluetooth, then click the Disable Bluetooth button.

7. Turn Off Everything You Don't Use

Unplug any external drives, dongles, or accessories attached to your MacBook that are not in use, as they continue to use up power. The same is true for open programs, even in unused backgrounds.

  • Press the Command + Space key combination (on non-Apple keyboards, Win Key + Space);
  • Type Activity Monitor, and double-click its icon;
  • Click the Power tab;
  • Click the program you want to close, then on the X button at the top left of the window.

8. Keep System Update

The updated program makes optimal use of the laptop's resources. With MacBooks, this is no different. Especially when it comes to genuine Apple software. Always keep macOS and programs at the latest version.

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