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Nearest iPhone Service - iPhone has indeed become one of the most popular sophisticated smartphones. But of course like other gadgets, this one device can also experience problems or damage for various reasons. When your iPhone has problems or damage, of course your gadget needs to get the right treatment. One of the right steps you can take is to take it to a trusted iPhone service provider, Dr. Gadgets.

Dr. Gadget understands that your device is indeed a tool that can keep you connected to various things, from co-workers, family members, potential business partners, to online businesses and many others. If your device has recently experienced a crash or problem, Dr. Gadgets can help you in dealing with these problems.

Device Button Broken? We Have the Solution

For those of you who have had an iPhone or iPad for a long time, you may be experiencing problems with some of the buttons on your iPhone or iPad becoming outdated or even becoming non-functional. The main function damage that often occurs is the home and power buttons. But you don't have to worry, because Dr. The gadget will help restore your iPhone buttons in 1 hour at most.

iPhone Should Change Battery? Dr. Gadgets Ready to Help

The battery is indeed the main key to keep your iPhone or iPad working. But what happens if this very important part suddenly stops functioning? If you are one of the victims of buying counterfeit batteries or your device is having problems with a battery that is no longer working, Dr. Gadgets can help.

Of course, you shouldn't be lulled by cheap stuff. Of course, you need to get the best spare parts for your device in order to get optimal performance. We can help you find the right one for your iPhone or iPad. All batteries from Dr. The gadget has a 60 day warranty.

Replace the iPhone LCD? Dr. Expert Gadgets

The screen on the iPhone or iPad is certainly an important part that must function so that your device functions properly. Unexpected things can happen and in an instant make your screen crack or break. Another problem that might also occur is your device that has been damaged by water or that part of the screen pixels are dead.

If the above problems occur, you do not need to worry because Dr. Gadgets can help restore your iPhone in just 45 minutes. The LCD used is of course all new and of good quality in order to obtain maximum results.

Best Guarantee

Dr. Gadget provides a warranty for all products provided and all your iPhone or iPad for up to 90 days. All repairs made are also guaranteed during this period. Even as long as no additional damage is found, Dr. Gadget will provide warranty for all your devices within 90 days after service. So get your iPhone or iPad fixed right away without hesitation at Dr. Gadgets.

We all know, that any technology will not last forever. In other words, various electronic objects can be damaged even if we take good care of them. And when your Apple product encounters damage, you can take it to our service experts at the nearest Dr Gadget Service iPhone.

Dr. Gadget presents the best service in the world of repair or service of Apple products, be it iPhone, iPad or Macbook / iMac. This Nearest iPhone Service Place can repair your gadget in front of your eyes directly. Have repair experts who are very reliable and can diagnose damage to your gadget accurately.

Dr Gadget will also provide a warranty of up to 30 days to 90 days after the repair is carried out. No less interesting than they are very experts on IC and Motherboard problems, you also get a money back guarantee if your device can't be repaired. How, don't hesitate anymore, contact us now to get your favorite device you can use again. Or you can also go directly to the Dr Gadget service center closest to your location.

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