Check Your MacBook Battery Life Through the Following Way

Service MacBook Jakarta - All electronic devices that use batteries must have an age limit which will certainly affect their durability. The durability of the device is in the battery. if the battery life is long enough, then usually the durability of electronic devices also begins to decrease.

This also applies to a laptop. For laptops made by Apple, namely Macbooks, there is actually an easy way that can be used to know when you need to replace the battery with a new one.

Battery replacement itself is actually included in one of Apple's services that are applied to the Macbook or its homemade smartphone, namely the iPhone. For those of you who may start to feel that your Macbook's battery life is starting to waste, maybe you want to know whether the battery life is short or long.

Apple does provide a guide for MacBook users to find out the condition of their laptop battery without having to disassemble the components. Battery life is named by Apple as battery cycle. The battery cycle is known as the process of fully charging the battery. Each Macbook battery has a different number of cycles or cycles and can be seen from the data available on the Apple website.

Apple insists that one cycle does not mean one charge in one day. One charge cycle can be counted as days of use. If the battery cycle runs out, then Macbook users are advised to replace the battery. Macbooks can still be used even though the battery cycle has run out and the battery has not been replaced, but of course the durability will be quite reduced.

Here are some easy steps you can use to check the battery cycle on your MacBook:

  1. Click the Option key on the keyboard, then hold down while hovering your mouse pointer over the Apple icon on the Menu bar, then you click the icon. After that, a dialog box will appear containing a menu, then select System Information.
  2. If you can do the first step above correctly, a Macbook component information box will appear. In the Hardware section, the component information menu will be displayed in the Power submenu.
  3. Next, you can select the Power submenu, then information about the battery condition will appear. Starting from the capacity when used and the capacity when fully charged. Then right at the bottom will appear information that says Health Information.
  4. In Health Information there is a number of remaining battery cycles, namely the cycle count. This number is equipped with information on the health of your Macbook battery with the words Condition. If the status is Normal, it means you don't need to replace it and the battery performance is still in good condition.
  5. Information about the maximum number of battery cycles you can see on the official Apple website. MacBooks in various series, such as 2016 - 2019 generally have a maximum cycle of up to 1,000 times.

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