Tips for Fixing an Unreadable SIM Card on iPhone

Service iPhone - iPhone SIM unreadable problems can occur at any time and of course this problem is quite disturbing the performance of your device. Even though it was normal at first. There are many cases where a SIM from an Indonesian operator cannot be detected if it is used on an iPhone. If this happens, in general, a message like the following will appear:

  • No SIM card installed
  • No SIM Card Installed
  • No SIM / Searching

Problems like this often happen to iPhone 8 users and below. Because indeed at that time, not many operators and SIMs worked with Apple, especially for iPhone products. This is what makes many SIM cards not registered on the iPhone or iPad. There are many ways that you can try to solve an unreadable iPhone SIM, including the following:

1. Turn On and Off Airplane

The first method is quite easy to do. You need to turn on airplane mode through settings then wait for about 10 minutes. After that, turn off airplane mode again, then see if the SIM has been read or not.

Airplane mode is the easiest and fastest way to restart the network on the iPhone. If the SIM unreadable problem that your device is experiencing is related to the network or signal, using this method can be one solution.

2. Update IOS

If airplane mode can't solve the problem on your device, then try using the next tip, namely by updating the IOS. However, before you follow this method, make sure you have done a backup or data backup first. nAfter you finish the update process, check the network and SIM on your iPhone. Don't forget to calibrate your device's battery.

3. Restart iPhone

The next way you can do is to restart. This method is almost similar to the airplane mode method above, where the real essence of this method is equally useful for turning off the network and then starting it again. Here are the steps you can take:

  • Press the power button as usual until a notification appears on the screen.
  • After that, select the option to turn off iPhone
  • Wait until your iPhone turns off, then press the hold button again
  • Release when the Apple logo has appeared
  • When the screen is on, you can check whether the SIM can be read or not

4. Change SIM Card

One way that can be done to make sure the problem you are experiencing is not caused by the SIM card which may have been damaged, try using another SIM card that can be read on another cellphone.

Also make sure the size of the SIM you are using matches the size of the SIM card slot on your iPhone. Besides that, you can also try inserting a starter pack that you can't use on your iPhone to your other cellphone. If the results are both unreadable, then you can be sure that the SIM card is damaged, so if this is what you experience then you have to replace the SIM card.

5. Check Carrier Settings

The next tip that you can try is to check whether there is an update in the carrier settings or not. Here are the steps:

  • Go to Settings, then select General
  • Then proceed to About located at the top
  • About Carrier

If there is an update carrier, it will be read directly on the page. Try to update and check whether the SIM can be read or not.

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