Why is Buying an iPhone 12 Now Better Than a New iPhone 13?

Service iPhone - Even though the iPhone 13 is widely used by many, it may not be the Apple product that interests you the most right now. The iPhone 12 seems to be the smartest choice, as there isn't a huge difference between the two products, so the decision can be quite tricky. Although if rationality prevails, it is normal to choose last year's model. Thinking about it calmly, the characteristics of the iPhone 12 may be more comfortable by adding a much more affordable price than the version 13.

Are There Design Differences?

There are actually some, but many people may not even be able to interpret what they are. Actually the two most significant changes are now the camera is no longer with a vertical format, but is placed transversely. In addition, the notch on the iPhone 13 is narrower than the previous generation.

Those are the two changes that stand out the most when you put the iPhone 13 next to the iPhone 12. The question is, will this sort of thing convince you to spend more money for the newer version? Let's see how big the difference between the two is.

Similar cameras

Something the iPhone 13 boasts a lot about is its photography skills, something there's no doubt about it. But it's true that in fact the 13 maintains a very similar philosophy to that already used in the iPhone 12. Both the 12 and 13 versions use the same 12 megapixel camera, one wide-angle and one ultra wide-angle, capable of recording HDR video in resolution. 4K at 30 fps and with Dolby Vision technology.

The main difference between the two parts of photography and video is that the iPhone 13 has the ability to record in cinematic mode at 1080p resolution. Which causes a shallow depth of field, being able to change focus with a single touch.

Processor with backup power

The iPhone 13 debuts the new A15 Bionic as a processor. It's definitely a better SoC than the A14 Bionic found on the iPhone 12. But in terms of performance, the differences are very slight, as Apple's efforts in the new chip focus more on video recording.

This means that the iPhone 12 will still perform very well, even if we compare it to the iPhone models above. Because the chip is one of the best Apple has produced so far.

Cutting-edge connectivity

Both the iPhone 12 and 13 offer 5G connectivity, so they are fully compatible with the new high-speed networks that are developing in parts of Indonesia. This means that in this section you will also be fully supported by the iPhone 12, besides that it also has WiFi 6 like the iPhone 13, so the connection to your router will be much faster. Obviously, Bluetooth 5.0 is not to be missed, another important feature for any product.

High quality screen

Maybe the iPhone 13's screen has polished certain details better than the iPhone 12's, but it might not be enough to make a big difference. The iPhone 12 panel is HDR and Dolby Vision compatible, letting you watch videos in high quality and spectacular colors. In addition, if what you see is in HDR10 format, the brightness can go up to 1,200 nits, although normally it is also amazing at 625 nits, while on the iPhone 13 it has 800 nits.

A price to be reckoned with

As you can see, the features don't change much from one year to the next. But if you're still not convinced, the price difference might convince you. The new iPhone 13 128 GB costs 19 million rupiah, you can find the iPhone 12 starting at 12 million rupiah. So with a price that is up to 7 million rupiah, do you still want to take the iPhone 13 which is not too different from the iPhone 12?

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