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Service MacBook Jakarta - After a 2021 full of launches and a notable transition to the M1 chip that rocked Intel's processors, Apple is outlining 2022 with major renovations to some of its flagship devices. Of course, we'll see new iPhones, but there's also likely to be a new MacBook, an update to the Mac mini, a new 27-inch iMac model, and the typical iPad and Apple Watch updates. Of all the products, perhaps the most important is Apple's second generation chip, the M2.

Macbook Air

While it's true that we still have the imagination that there's already a new MacBook Air, 2022 looks like a year of updates for Apple's utility laptops. The new model, according to information from Bloomberg, they will integrate the new M2 chip. While on the aesthetic front Apple could say goodbye to a sleek design with a crest on the front but thicker at the bottom, it will come up with a really slim and thin one, similar to the MacBook Pro.

Mac Mini

In 2022 we can see M2 chips, and one of them will be the latest version of the Mac mini, which although it will retain its iconic aluminum chassis, above it will have a glass cover similar to the iPhone 13. And many people believe there will be a model with several options. color too.

27 inch iMac

Apple refreshed the 24-inch iMac with fantastic color options and the M1 chip, so it's very likely that by 2022 Intel will pull out of the 27-inch iMac and Apple will replace it with a new model using the M2 chip. Apple insiders say the base model will have 16GB of RAM with 512GB of storage to match the MacBook Pro offering.

iPhone 14

Apple will announce it in September and it will be one of the best phones of 2022. You don't have to have superpowers like a psychic to believe it, but we used clear analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (analyst at TF International Securities) to show that by 2022 there will be four new iPhones: two with 6.1-inch screens and two with 6.7-inch displays. They are iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

In terms of design, the most striking change is that Apple will say goodbye to its controversial bangs for placing the FaceTime camera in the hole in the center, at the top of the screen.

iPhone SE 3

The iPhone SE will undergo a facelift in 2022. This one will carry the A15 chip from the iPhone 13 in the same chassis as the iPhone 8 with a 4.7-inch screen, upgraded camera, and 5G connectivity. Yes, it sounds interesting, but we think a model with a bigger screen will attract more attention.

Apple Watch Series 8

The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also predicts that there will be three new Apple Watch models by 2022. They will be part of the so-called Series 8 and will have sensors capable of measuring body temperature as the biggest novelty for Apple. There's also talk of a more affordable Apple Watch that will be called the Apple Watch SE.

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