The 3 Best Adventure Games for iPhone

Nearest iPhone Service - Adventure or adventure games have indeed become one of the most sought after genres by game fans, be it iOS, Android, PC, XBox or Play Station users. Interesting storyline, gameplay that is not monotonous and also inspiring dialogue can add to the selling power of an adventure game.

Unlike the Android offline FPS which will always make your adrenaline continue to peak, generally adventure games will make you enjoy every moment in the game. Usually graphics are not really needed when talking about adventure games because the selling point of adventure games is not in the graphics sector. Although actually better graphic quality is expected to make the quality of this game even better.

If you are interested in playing offline adventure games for iOS, be it iPhone or iPad, here are 3 games you need to try:

Batman: The Telltale Series

Telltale Game is already quite widely known by game fans. Where this developer is reliable in making adventurous stories. Now TellTales has added to its game series through the game Batman: The TellTale Series which is here for iOS. The two characters between Batman and Bruce Wayne often lead to endless conflicts. This is where the genius of the TellTale developer lies in presenting a strong storyline so that you feel that you are the Batman yourself.

No different from all other TellTale games, this one also launches per episode. Where the first episode is released for free and you certainly have to pay to be able to continue to the next episode. The fifth or final episode of the series is out so you can play it right away without having to wait for the next episode to come out, of course, by paying for the full version.


Oxenfree is a game that tells about you as a player who will go on an adventure with Alex and his half-brother Jonas and also with some of his friends to an abandoned military island. In this game, Alex and his friends must face various paranormal mysteries, such as a strange voice that appears on the radio and will also be tested on how close their friendship is. Although this game does not offer a long gameplay duration, this game can still be called one of the best horror adventure games for iOS with pretty impressive visuals.


Shardlight will take you on an adventure to the world after the great nuclear war, exactly 30 years after the 3rd world war. As the bombs start to launch and fall to the ground, the sun's light begins to blur. Then this time the light source was replaced by fragments of uranium origin with a greenish tint.

Many people died from new diseases that were difficult to cure. Actually the vaccine for the disease itself already exists but the supply of the vaccine is controlled by a cruel organization, namely the Aristocrats. The Aristocrats only sold vaccines to the rich to get more support. In this game, your task is Amy, who works for the government in charge of obtaining vaccine supplies.

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