Why iPhone Won't Charge and What Can You Do?

Service iPhone - Ever since we have had iPhones, the sound of the device charging has been an indication that the charging was done properly. When we plug it in and it takes a while later to beep and a charging symbol appears. But what if the iPhone won't charge? There may be many things to consider, going through the software and hardware of your iPhone.

If we're lucky, our iPhone charging case can be fixed in a few steps, but we might have to do more checks to see if the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad is faulty. In this article we will try to clear all the doubts about the battery charge of our iOS device and what to do to solve any problems that might occur. The following are some of the reasons why our iPhone stops charging and what we can do about it.

Software Problem

1. Force reboot

Forcing a reboot is said to fix 80% of the software bugs we might come across from time to time and that's kind of weird. If your iPhone isn't charging, the first thing you'll be able to do is force restart it, as this is the easiest and fastest. To force restart we just need to press the power button and click restart until we see the Apple logo.

2. (Try) battery calibration

We wouldn't put much hope on this, but that's another possibility. The battery (hardware) may not communicate properly with the operating system (software). We cannot rule out the system detecting that the battery is charged and showing the correct percentage. So we can try calibrating it, and we say try because if we reach the step for it doesn't start charging, it won't help us at all. We will do this by performing the following steps:

  • Usually, the first step is to charge the battery to 100%, but since we can't do that, we start with the next step.
  • We have to use the iPhone until it completely turns itself off. If we don't want to fiddle with it to death, we can just let it play music or movies.
  • When it is turned off, we will leave it without charge for 6-8 hours.
  • After 6-8 hours of silence, we will be ready to turn it on. So charge it for another 6-8 hours without unplugging it from the wall outlet.
  • After that time, we can use the device.

3. Restore

As always, when faced with a software issue that's standing in our way, the final step is to restore and perform a clean install. If we are still unable to charge the iPhone, you may have a hardware problem.

Hardware Problem

1. Check/replace cable

Let's face it: Apple has a lot of designs, sometimes so many that it forgets that it should also choose durable items. iPhone cables usually break near the Lightning connector, although it's also true that it depends on the user. Sometimes we have been charging our phones for a long time, but if the iPhone cable gets peeled due to extreme use, the problem could be with the cable itself, so it might stop working. If we have another cable in better shape, we can try to see if it charges well.

2. Plug it into another outlet

This can be more of a problem if the outlet we are using is a computer USB port. The computer is all about computing and can crash at any time, so a USB port can stop delivering the power it needs at any time. This was solved by trying another USB port which was even from the same computer. If this doesn't solve the problem, we can try connecting it to something else.

3. Clean the port

Depending on the environment in which you leave your iPhone, the Lightning port can collect dirt that prevents the contact needed to charge it. It's even possible that this dirt comes from our own sweat, something that when hardened, prevents more contact from dust. Another step we can take is to clean the Lightning or 30-pin port and, in addition, the ones on the other end of the cable: USB, USB female, and even the power outlet.

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