Tips for Overcoming an iPhone that Restarts itself Constantly

Service iPhone - This cellphone made by the Cupertino company is indeed classified as a very sophisticated device. In addition, the iPhone has a lot more value when compared to other Android smartphones. This has certainly been felt and proven by those who love Apple smartphones. When viewed from the history of the development of the iPhone, Apple always embeds newer technology and is also one step ahead of other types of cellphones.

However, that doesn't mean the iPhone can't have a single crash problem. When your iPhone suddenly turns off and when it turns on, only the Apple logo appears, then restarts itself continuously, there are several ways that you can use to solve it. For those of you who may be currently experiencing the same problem, you don't need to panic. First you can find out the cause, then try some of the following tips to overcome it:

1. Reset Settings

Not much different from electronic devices in general, an iPhone with the right settings can also cause problems, one of which is restarting constantly. You can try to restore it to the original settings or factory defaults.

2. Battery Health Check

iPhone has a feature that can be used to check the condition of the iPhone battery automatically. That way, you can easily find out whether the condition of your iPhoen battery is still good or not.

Please note that a damaged iPhone battery can cause damage such as the iPhone suddenly restarting or loading continuously which can then damage the machine (logic board) if not replaced immediately. If the health of your iPhone battery has decreased drastically, or is in service status, then you need to take it to the nearest iPhone service center to have it replaced.

3. iOS Bugs

The iPhone operating system (iOS) can also be the cause of an iPhone that restarts itself continuously. Errors that occur when updating iOS or when Apple releases the latest iOS version can also affect the performance of the iPhone machine.

In overcoming this iOS bug problem, generally Apple will release the latest patch / update to then be distributed to iPhone users, which generally will appear a notification on the Software Update menu.

You can also read in more detail about any updates provided by Apple. Don't ignore iOS update notifications when you see them. You need to immediately download and install it on your iPhone to be able to update the system.

4. Avoid JailBreak

Tinkering with the iOS system can indeed make it easier for us to install paid applications for free on the iPhone. But of course this has a bad effect, one of which your device will become vulnerable to viruses.

An iOS system that is modified by using a jailbreak application, can also trigger the iPhone to restart itself constantly. Therefore, it is better for you to avoid jailbreak, because besides being able to damage the iPhone operating system, the iPhone's official warranty will also be deleted automatically.

If you have tried some of the tips above, for example by changing the battery, updating iOS or , indeed the condition of the battery health is still safe, but the iPhone still restarts itself, then it is better to take it to an iPhone repair place to get an accurate diagnosis and repair.

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