Mainstay Photo Editing Application for MacBook with Various Interesting Features

Service MacBook Jakarta - There are various photo editing applications that you can download on the Mac App Store and the App Store. Some of these applications offer various features ranging from photo editing that can be done instantly to complete tools for those of you who work professionally to process digital images.

Here are some of the best photo editing apps that can support Mac and iOS devices. So you can choose the type of gadget you want to use but keep the same application:

Adobe Lightroom

This photo editing application has become one of the mainstay applications for Mac and iOS devices. By taking advantage of Adobe Lightroom and also subscribing to Adobe Creative Cloud, you can sync and store photo data in the cloud. You can also create Presets or image editing formulas that can be used to speed up the image editing process and get the same results in a very easy way.

Adobe Lightroom has the main feature of batch editing or editing multiple images in the same way and quickly. Plus, there's a neat album mode for every work you produce. Adobe Lightroom also provides very complete image editing tools, both on macOS or iOS, including Selective, Crop, Healing, Profiles, Color, Light, Effects, Detail and many others.


So far, the Pixelmator development team has focused on creating image editing applications for macOS and iOS devices. With the name Pixelmator, this one application can be available for macOS, iPhone and iPad devices.

Pixelmator has the main feature of editing images with the support of Layer mode for digital image formats such as sketches, photos to digital paintings. Various brushes The brushes you can use are supported with image editing mode with Machine Learning and also support Apple Pencil on iPad devices. There are also new applications, namely Pixelmator Pro for macOS devices and Pixelmator Photos for iPad. Unlike Adobe, which requires a subscription account, Pixelmator users can sync using Apple's built-in iCloud feature.

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is a recommended professional-grade image editing application available for iPad and Mac devices. The main feature of this application is that it edits images in a layer system as well as large format, which supports up to 100MP resolution.

You can also use various digital image formats in Affinity Photo, such as PNG, JPG, TIFF, GIF, EPS, SVG, EXR, PDF and HDR. Because the specs required are quite high, this application is also guaranteed to support 120FPS mode when panning and zooming images so that all processes can run faster with smooth results. For those of you who often retouch digital images, Affinity Photo also provides a variety of complete tools such as Burn, Dodge, Clone, Patch, to Red Eye Tools.

Photo Editor

Fotor is a photo editing application with full features, light weight and also very suitable for users who need a simple photo editing application. Fotor provides several features, including the availability of various image editing tools, adding borders and text, batch editing and image collages. Because this application is available for free, Fotor uses an in-app purchase content strategy for those of you who want to use this application more fully.

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