Here are the 3 Best Motorcycle Racing Games Recommendations for iPhone

Service iPhone - Besides football games, motorbike racing genre games are also one of the most popular types of games for smartphone users, including iOS (iPhone) users. There are many choices of mobile games with the motorcycle racing genre that can be downloaded on the App Store.

Of course, it is tiring and takes a long time if you want to find the best games for your iPhone. Therefore, instead of you being tired of watching or checking the games one by one, here are 3 recommendations for the best motorbike racing games for iOS users that you can download. Here's the review:

1. SBK 16 - Official Mobile Game

SBK 16 Game - Official Mobile Game is the official Superbike World Championship game brought to your device. In this game, there are races on various tracks that you can play like a real championship. This game features motorcycle racing from various manufacturers, such as Aprilia, Honda, Ducati, Kawasaki, MV Agusta, BMW, to Yamaha.

Using a stunning 3D graphic design supported by dynamic and classy lighting effects, of course this game will make the game even more exciting. Regarding gameplay, SBK 16 - Official Mobile Game provides 10 different control buttons, including motion, mobile game pad and virtual joystick.

2. Moto GP Racing '17

Like the SBK 16 - Official Mobile Gam game, this racing game also uses a championship system. Moto GP Racing '17 is a game that can give you a real racing sensation like Moto GP. While playing this game, you can feel the timing on the brakes as well as the throttle like doing a live race.

The graphics used in this game are very dynamic and realistic. That's why this game is one of the best iPhone racing games with an incredibly beautiful display that you can download on the App Store.

Apart from playing your own game against the computer, you can also play this motorbike racing game with friends online. Of course, you will feel the sensation of a more challenging competition if you compete with your friends. the most exciting, the acquisition of points will also be displayed on the scoreboard in each match.

3. Traffic Rider

Unlike SBK 16 - Official Mobile Game or Moto GP Racing '17 which is a type of championship racing game, Traffic Rider game is a type of racing against time. The background of the place used is a road. 

Players will be required to be able to reach the finish line with a predetermined time. They also have to be able to pass obstacles in the form of crowds of vehicles on the highway. In playing this game, you must be agile in passing or overtaking every car in front of you to avoid a collision, and of course you can reach the finish on time.

Using high-class graphics, you will feel like doing a real race on the highway with first-person views and sounds of motorbikes that seem real. The coolest thing, there are 26 choices of motorbikes that will be unlocked one by one (if you manage to reach a certain level). Plus, there are 70 missions in career mode that you have to complete.

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