Tips for Buying a Used MacBook So You Don't Pick the Wrong Choice

Service MacBook Jakarta - Are you looking for a used MacBook to replace your broken laptop? Don't miss these tips for buying a used MacBook in good condition without serious damage and costing you a fortune later on.

What to Check on a Used MacBook?

1. Check the casing or body parts

The first thing you should do is inspect the MacBook body in detail, check for any scratches, bumps or cracks. Also pay attention to the bolts, if they are jagged or loose, it's a sign that they have been repaired and dismantled for sure. It's perfectly normal to find minor scratches or damage, but if you find them in multiple areas or very large, there's a chance that scratches from dropping or forming could cause serious internal damage.

Try opening and closing your MacBook a few times to make sure the hinges aren't stuck or loosened. You should also do a thorough review of the screen, check for scratches or breaks. And regarding the operation, check if dead-pixel appears on the screen. How to do it? Open the image with the full background color for red, green, blue or white. If any pixels are damaged, you will see small dots on the screen.

2. Turn on

Make sure it boots up properly and loads the full image on the desktop. Listen for any strange sounds or if it takes a long time to turn it on.

3. iCloud Account

It is important that you make sure that the seller has removed the iCloud account from the Macbook. Otherwise, you won't be able to link your iCloud account.

4. Find out how long the seller used it

Some sellers on the second-hand buying and selling platform modified the year of purchase of the Mac to provide a higher price. Do not be fooled. Then, how to check the age of the MacBook? You can check it in several ways:

  1. Click the Apple logo in the upper left corner of the MacBook and select "About This Mac"
  2. Look on the back, there you will see the serial number along with other markings. First, make sure the serial number on your Mac matches the one on the box. Then go to and match the serial number. There you can check information about the actual age of the laptop (date of product purchase), warranty status, etc.

5. Check the optical drive (if any)

If the Mac model you purchased has an optical drive, insert a DVD or CD to see if the information reads correctly.

6.Bluetooth and WiFi

Check if it is well connected to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can try connecting your AirPods and see if all goes well.

7. Check all ports

Make sure all ports are clean and working properly, USB and headphones. Audio on Mac is another aspect of hardware that you should check out. Check if the device's internal speaker is not only working properly, but the headphone port is also working. Plug in the headset and test the port to be sure.

8. Web Cam

Open the "Facetime" app to test the camera. If you see your face on the screen, everything is fine. But if you get the message: "No camera connected", it could indicate a problem with the camera unit.

10. Try the keyboard

Open a text editor and make sure the keyboard is working properly. Type all the characters and also try the commands and functional keys. This way you can detect if all keys are working properly.

11. Scan hard drive

This examination goes a little deeper. Go to Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility and check the "SMART" status at the bottom of the screen. Then, in the top menu bar, click “first aid” to check the status of the hard drive. The results are as follows:

  • If "verified" appears, it means the disk is good
  • If it says "fail" don't buy it. This is a hardware problem, and will stop working soon

12. Check the battery

As you know, MacBooks are popular for their excellent battery performance. Make sure the battery doesn't run out in just one hour of use. Click on the Apple logo, press Option + Alt key and select “System Information” from the drop-down menu. Next, go to the "energy" section in the left sidebar menu. On the left sidebar click "power". There you will find the status of the battery and the number of cycles it has.

A "normal" message will appear and it is recommended that the cycle count be less than 300 or 500 depending on the MacBook model you purchased. Each model has a different number of cycles. This is one of the most important checks. New batteries can be very expensive.

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