Practical Tips for Buying a Used iPhone

Nearby iPhone Service - Thinking of getting a used iPhone? Don't miss these tips for safely buying a used iPhone and discover everything you should check out. As you know, we are experts in servicing all types of Apple products. Today we are going to share with you all the secrets you should keep in mind before buying a used iPhone. Next, we describe in detail all the elements that you should carefully review.

What to Check on a Used iPhone?

Check the screen and body parts

The first step is to check the screen: there are no scratches or bumps of any kind. Check carefully the back and sides, in general the whole body, and most importantly, the camera glass is not damaged.

Test if touch is working fine, that all areas are working (iPhone 6+ usually has a sliding error on its screen). And of course, check if the screen hasn't been replaced. If you notice any yellowness all around or missing screws, it's probably been repaired. If so, and the screen is not the original one, the screen will be damaged and will rise to the top after a few months of use. Especially with the pressure we put our finger on the "home" button.

On Android, this is not generally the case, because depending on the model and design, you don't always put so much effort into the same place. This kind of damage is not something serious, the only thing you should do is replace it again at that time, the good news is that iPhone spare parts are usually inexpensive.

Likewise with the casing or body parts, ideally not replaced. You can check this by checking the IMEI number, which is printed on the back (it doesn't appear on all models).

Check the connection or connector

It is important that you try:

  • Connectors, microphone and audio
  • Speakers (make calls and activate them) and headphones
  • Charging cable
  • Flashlight
  • It is also important to check that the GPS and compass are working properly
  • Fingerprint, as it is usually a common fault on used iPhones


What is iPhone IMEI? This is a unique identifier that each phone has. Among other things, it allows you to block your phone if it has been stolen. Then, how to see IMEI on iPhone? Dial *#06# and it will appear on the screen. Through the IMEI number we can check whether the iPhone is locked by iCloud.

In addition, through IMEI we will be able to find out very detailed information about the cellphone, such as: the brand and model, the date of the cellphone, when it was purchased, the capacity, color, the last operator, and whether the SIM was blocked or not. You can check it on this website:

Batteries and chargers

And we come to the most important part, like a jewel on a crown: the battery, it is very important for you to check if the battery is charging properly. To buy a battery at the time of purchase, go to settings to " Battery Charge" and there you will find, when you check the phone if the battery drains fast.

Something that can cause the battery to drain quickly is a faulty volume control, and this is something to worry about. For you to understand, it usually happens when you leave your phone unused at night and in airplane mode and the next day it hasn't drained the battery. What has happened? Well, most likely the sound control knob is bad.

One important suggestion from us is that you should download the "Battery Life" app and check the battery consumption level. If the battery capacity never rises above 80%, it is recommended to replace the battery, the duration between the device with 80% and 100% battery.

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