Many Don't Know, Here Are The Best iPhone Apps You Need To Try

Nearest iPhone Service - iPhone is known as one of the most exclusive smartphones. In fact the iPhone has a more intuitive performance when compared to other smartphones. Moreover, the iPhone has been equipped with a variety of interesting applications that can facilitate the various activities of its users.

There are many apps available on the Apple App Store, both free and paid versions. But did you know that there are some of the best iPhone apps that you might have missed? Instead of being curious, here are recommendations for iPhone applications that you must try:


One of the cool creative applications that is easy to use to produce interesting and neat Instagram story content is Unfold. By downloading this application, you can use many cool and elegant templates to be applied to your photos or other content.

You can create stylish and simple story content, more memorable with 25 free templates and 5 fonts, which can be used for photo and video content. In fact, if you are willing to pay, there are various interesting features that you can use.


The next cool iPhone application that you must have is Instapaper. This application is suitable for use if you don't want to skip the latest news or news and are also lazy to carry newspapers.

Instapaper deserves to be called the newspaper for iPhone users. You can find out and read the latest news from around the world with the most up to date topics. The most interesting thing, this one application you can also use even if you are offline. Of course, the most important thing is that this application can be obtained for free.


Evernote is an application that you can use to store notes in the form of lists, images and alarms. This application is certainly a cool alternative when compared to the built-in notes from Apple. Once you install this one application, I guarantee you don't want to uninstall it. Because this application has been integrated with other iPhone applications. In addition, Evernote can also be used for free. But if you want to try a better version, you can subscribe to Evernote premium for USD $45 annually.

Marco Polo Stay In Touch

The next best iPhone app that you can choose is Marco Polo Stay In Touch. This video chat application has various interesting features in it. Because this application combines chat, social media, and video chat features in one application. This one application also allows you to record videos and also send them anytime and anywhere. But unlike other video chatting apps, this cool app allows friends in your contacts to watch your videos live or watch them at a later time.


For those of you who like sports, this fitness application can help you to form a healthy lifestyle in an exciting and fun way. In this application, users will be challenged to collect a number of points to be able to level up, do quests, and be able to solve achievements. This of course can encourage them to keep the spirit in exercising.

What's more, fellow app users can see each other's exercise routines, points earned, levels and achievements. Not only that, you can also leave comments.

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