iPhone Motherboard, Can It Be Repaired?

Service iPhone - Surely you've often heard about the motherboard of a cell phone or computer. But do you know what it is? In this article we will help you and explain (in the simplest way) what a motherboard is and what it means when this part breaks down inside your phone, more specifically in iPhone.

The iPhone, like other smartphones, consists of a motherboard with its various electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, or integrated circuits (ICs), among others, all connected to each other. It's as if it's the brain of the phone, which makes it work.

If the motherboard is damaged, what repairs are needed? Repairing a damaged motherboard takes several steps, from diagnosing the problem to finding a solution. Fortunately, the electronic schematic of the iPhone is accessible and makes our job easier when it comes to knowing which components you need to look for.

The interesting thing is to understand that not all the faults are in this section, which we can see or touch on our phone: screen, volume buttons, charging connector, etc. If the source of the problem is in the motherboard, the part itself may still be working fine.

Or your screen stops working doesn't necessarily mean your screen is broken. Is this possible? Of course, any part of your phone is connected to the motherboard and, therefore, you can see the damage on your screen. But there really is damage to the motherboard if suddenly the chip on the motherboard stops working when touched, for example, and as a result your screen doesn't respond.

Motherboard: Common Error

To be able to determine where all the errors on your phone are coming from is simple: we perform a complete diagnosis of the device and tell you what you need. Each phone has its own territory, not all malfunctions have the same solution. To give you more examples, below we will list the motherboard errors that have been found.

Touch screen not working

The screen is everything, there are various errors associated with it, these are the most common ones related to motherboard malfunction. You've fixed your screen because the touch screen isn't working, but have you tried the second screen and nothing happened?

This kind of glitch, which occurs on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, occurs when the screen stops responding to on-screen actions and the origin of this damage is not the screen itself. This annoyance has generated complaints from thousands of Apple users around the world, especially those with 2015-made phones.

Blue screen or blue screen or black screen

You turn on the phone, the Apple logo appears and a blue screen appears. This state will never finish from the boot state and access the boot menu. Again this is a separate issue. The models where this problem usually occurs are iPhone 5S and iPhone 6.

Other screen errors

When a flashing gray line appears at the top of the screen, it is a touchscreen problem which will gradually get worse and disable the touch function on your screen. The screen doesn't turn on or there is a line after unlocking the phone, this is a backlight error. Damage to the motherboard related to the lighting received by the LCD.

Service experts tend to attribute all of these problems to screen damage and the first instinctive option is to have it replaced. But nothing has changed, still the problem remains. Because we will not address the origin of the problem, namely damage to the motherboard.

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