MacBook Air M1 for Professional Video Editing, Can it?

Service Macbook Jakarta - After a while of using the new MacBook Air M1 as the main computer for professional video editing, we created this review to judge whether it is worth it or not. We also analyze all aspects that we consider relevant as a computer to perform video editing at an advanced level.

MacBook Air M1 Overview As a Computer for Professional Video Editing

Before we start, we have to make a very important overview. The MacBook Air is a model that has been designed from the start as entry-level, as a computer for everyday use, and not as a professional editing computer. However, the new model which carries the M1 chip, has a much higher performance than its older brethren from previous years.

And that's why we chose to use it for this purpose. In any case, you'll notice that many of the drawbacks we've presented stem from the fact that this is a computer not designed for use by a creative professional. And before we start, we will give you here the configuration we have chosen for this computer.

  • M1 chip with 8 graphics cores.
  • 16 Gb RAM memory.
  • 512 Gb primary hard drive.

Physical Characteristics of MacBook Air M1 As a Video Editing Computer

First of all, this is a 13.3-inch laptop, which is quite small. It also weighs only 1.29Kg (which is much appreciated for those of us who have to move around a lot and want to have a lot of power in a compact backpack). Of course, even though it looks like a powerful computer due to its quality construction, it gives off a fragile feeling due to the stated size and weight.

MacBook Air M1 Connection

For us this is one of the worst points of this computer. Why? Because it only has 2 USB-C ports and a mini jack port for headphones. And if you're using USB-C to charge your computer, the other port is the only one you can use to use the hard drive. This is very limiting because you cannot transfer files from one hard drive to another while you are charging your computer, or work with two hard drives at the same time.

It's really not the fault of the computer itself, as this model wasn't designed for professional use like we need it to be. That said, for everyone working with different hard drives, we recommend choosing the MacBook Pro which does have more ports.

MacBook Air M1 Battery

As for ports, we've mentioned that it's a weak point, but battery is one of its strengths. For normal use, it can last up to more than 15 hours. But to edit a video it takes a few hours, at least 4-5 hours (depending on the type of editing, it can last longer). However, if you're editing a video, it's ideal to use it directly connected to the mains via a charger and use the battery for emergencies.

MacBook Air M1 Display

Here comes the second part that is not suitable as a video editing computer but, of course, we already knew that before buying a computer, such as the ports. We mean the screen works flawlessly and offers excellent quality, so there's no problem with that, apart from its admittedly small size.

MacBook Air M1 Speakers

While the speakers aren't bad, and since we compared them to the 2016 MacBook Pro 15″, we have to say that the Pro version sounded at a much lower volume than we expected. Volume and audio quality are still decent, but we expected more. Even so, it still wasn't anything unusually negative.

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