5 Pro Tips for Taking Better Photos with Your iPhone

Nearest iPhone Service - We pursue perfection, but we want to achieve it from the most comfortable position for us. This kind of thing happens with photography, we are always looking for our photos to be the best, but on many occasions we avoid the hassle of carrying around bulky cameras with heavy lenses.

Thankfully, and even more so now that there are 11 and 11 Pro, the iPhone is your best friend for getting the best photos if you know how to use it properly. Maximize your camera's capabilities by combining your photography skills and ingenuity with these 9 tips for taking photos with your iPhone like a pro.

1. Understand the Lighting

Photography is all about lighting, and this is why we need to understand it and know how to treat it the way it looks to us. Before taking a new photo, stop for a few seconds to study the lighting of your scene if possible.

  1. Is the light coming from behind your subject?
  2. Is it coming from the side?
  3. Can you move yourself to make the resulting image brighter?
  4. Can your subject move?
  5. Can you even move the lamp?

Play through all of these to achieve the most appropriate exposure and take advantage of your surroundings to get the most out of each light source. The white walls of a building with the sun's reflection can be the perfect reflector for softer lighting. And the clouds between the sun and your landscape can be the perfect support for that unique lighting.

2. Focus on Yourself

While iPhone focuses on what looks right after we let it automatically when we shoot, if you want to get a better view and control the focus of your capture, you can control where the focus is. Touch on the screen where you want the focus of the image to be directed, look for blur or small details and shoot. Also, when pressing to focus as we want, if we slide our finger inside the yellow square that will mark our focus, we can compensate for the exposure of the image, and make it lighter or darker.

3. Move and Find the Best Perspective

Photos taken carelessly rarely manage to attract attention. When you're about to take a photo, move around, and look for an angle that accentuates your image the most and that introduces more context to your scene. The photos that stand out the most, and something that characterizes professionals, is that they are able to tell stories with a single shot. Squat almost on your stomach, stand on a chair, move closer or further as needed. In short, don't settle for photos you can take wherever you are, always strive to go further.

4. Go Out To Take Photos When It's Raining, Bad Weather, Windy, Cloudy

Different opportunities unfold in different situations. Capture the moment and the current weather and then try to find photos that are unique because of the circumstances. Take advantage of the size and power of your iPhone's camera, then head out to take a photo in the rain, take advantage of the reflection of a puddle or car hood, snap a photo of a person with an umbrella, or capture the movement of the wind in the trees. Don't limit yourself, get creative with what circumstances have to offer you and train yourself little by little to know how to identify what works best for your photos.

5. Take Long Exposure Photos Whenever Possible

Thanks to Live Photos, iPhone offers the possibility to create long-exposure photos by simply changing the display mode. Capture car movement in Live Photo, open your gallery, open photo and swipe up. Among the various effects it offers, choose "Long exposure" and admire your creation. You can play with these and go out and discover the different circumstances in which motion gives meaning to photography.

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