Free Graphic Design App for MacBook

Service MacBook Jakarta - Are you a person who likes and wants to explore graphic design? If so, of course what you need is a tool to support your hobby, namely graphic design software. Now the presence of this software can be found easily on the internet, you only need to make a choice for you to make as a partner. But of course, the software is not the same. They have advantages and disadvantages of each.

There are various supporting tools needed by designers to make the designs they produce more attractive. There are several design applications that you can download for free. Here are some recommendations for you:


How much do you have to pay to be able to use Adobe Photoshop's features and services? If you don't have more budget, of course the best solution is to look for cheaper alternatives, let alone free ones.

GIMP is a software that you can use to edit photos where its function is the same as Photoshop. Through this application, you can do photo retouching, color correction, image size, and image composition.

This software is already very well known on the Linux platform as a free and open source alternative to Adobe Photoshop because the Photoshop software has not been released to Linux. You can get this software for free. Even though it's free, don't hesitate with the features it offers, because you can do all the basic to intermediate editing using GIMP.


Are you interested in having a free alternative to vector-based graphic design software such as CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator? You might consider downloading Inkscape.

This software is also famous for being an alternative to Adobe Illustrator on Linux. Besides you can get it for free and open source, this software also has features that are not inferior to other paid software.

Inscape is supported by the SVG format, which is just as good as the XML and CSS standards. You can create various vector images by tracing, path operations, direct XML editing, and so on.


Do you often work with various audio files for editing to production? Of course there are various kinds of software that you can use. If you want free software but offers quality features, Audacity is the choice.

Various kinds of features, such as recording or recording, editing, importing and exporting, improving audio quality, plug-ins, and others, you can actually do with the Audacity software. on Linux, this software is also more popular as a free and open source alternative.


This software is indeed popular as one of the software for editing videos. Not only presented for Linux users, but for Windows and Mac users can also use this one software.

Even so, the Pro version of this software is also available but of course it is not free. In addition, there are several additional software such as Avid DNxHD that can be used to improve the functions and features of using Lightworks.

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