Tips for Troubleshooting No Service Problems on iPhone

Nearest iPhone Service - Not infrequently 'no service' problems appear on iPhone devices and make iPhone performance disrupted. Of course you become confused and even feel because you don't know what causes your iPhone to be no service or always searching for a signal. There are several causes of no service problems on the iPhone, including the following:

1. The first cause could be a faulty SIM card. You can try to check whether there is damage or defects in the SIM card that you are using.

2. Second, the problem may occur due to weak provider signal coverage. You need to make sure the provider you use has a strong signal coverage around your domicile. If it turns out that the signal from the provider in that area is indeed quite weak, then this could be the reason why your iPhone has no service problems.

3. Third, there is damage to the hardware or an error in the iPhone software. The damage that occurs to this hardware can be in terms of damage to the iPhone Baseband IC that you are using.

Here are the steps you can take to solve the 'no service' problem on your iPhone:

1. Check the provider's signal coverage area

You need to make sure your domicile area reaches a strong provider signal. However, if the area has a strong signal but is still no service or searching, first, change your iPhone to "Airplane" / Airplane Mode. Then wait for 1 to 2 minutes, then turn off airplane mode.

2. Restart iPhone

If the first step above has been done but there is still no change, you can restart the iPhone by pressing the Power button and the Volume Down button simultaneously. Then wait for the Apple logo to appear.

3. Check for card updates in settings

Cellular carriers sometimes provide Settings updates that are useful in solving security problems or other problems. You need to open the Settings menu, then select General, then select About. This step is done to find out whether there is an update on the SIM card or not.

4. Remove and reinsert the SIM card

Try to check the SIM you are using, whether there is damage or problems with the SIM card or not. If you feel there is no damage, then you can reinstall the SIM card. But if there is damage to the SIM card, you can contact the provider you use to replace the damaged SIM card with a new one.

5. Reset network settings

Another step that can be taken if the above method doesn't work is to reset your iPhone network. This method will make your iPhone lose the Wifi password, and you will have to re-enter the APN Network provider used, VPN and other Cellular Settings.

6. Update iOS to the latest version

Try to check whether your iPhone really needs a “Software Update” or not. The 'no service' problem can happen because your iPhone has not been updated to the latest version of iOS. Using an older version of iOS can cause bugs to occur on your device.

If you have done all the methods, but it turns out that your iPhone is still no service or 'searching' then there may be damage to the hardware or iPhone Baseband IC. If this happens, then immediately take your iPhone to a trusted iPhone service for repair.

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