Tips for Overcoming a MacBook Keyboard that Doesn't Work

Service MacBook Jakarta - Mac keyboard that doesn't work is certainly a problem that really interferes with your performance. Even if you don't have an external keyboard, your usual workflow can become distracted and chaotic. However, you don't need to worry, because there are solutions that can be done to solve the problem of a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air keyboard not working.

What Causes MacBook Keyboard Not Working?

Usually a Mac is a machine that always runs smoothly. However, software or hardware related problems can definitely arise when the device is used frequently or for a long time. It is possible that a bug could be causing the problem or that some settings have been changed incorrectly. If your MacBook uses a Butterfly keyboard, there may be dust or dirt particles blocking the keys' performance.

So what can be done if your Macbook keyboard doesn't work? Let's look at the following solution:

1. Reboot MacBook

This one solution may sound too basic, but we often underestimate the importance of rebooting. The possible cause of the keyboard not working is some software settings that are not right or the MacBook overheating, especially if the device is used non-stop for some time. Rebooting the Macbook will reset some of the settings and can sometimes solve the problem without much hassle.

2. Clean the Keyboard

As previously explained, dust particles on the keyboard can be the cause of problems on your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. You can clean the keyboard by venting the air or by spraying compressed air on half the keyboard or only on the keys that don't work.

But you need to remember, this one procedure may be a little risky because airflow that is too strong or excessive can damage the keyboard further. Therefore, you can use this method if you are sure you have the ability to clean it properly or you can ask a professional technician for help.

3. Check for macOS Update

If your Macbook's keyboard isn't working, you can also try updating macOS. To update macOS, you can click Software Update in System Preferences on a Mac. If an update is available, you just need to click Upgrade Now to start the OS update. Then click Update Now to be able to Update Software on Mac

4. Reset PRAM as well as SMC on MacBook

You need to remember, in doing these tips, you do need to reset both of them, because if you only reset the SMC, then your repair will not work. If you're not sure how to do it, you can refer to a detailed step-by-step guide to get it right. Or to be on the safe side, you can take it to a professional technician to get a trusted repair.

Before you reset the PRAM as well as the SMC, you should make sure to take a proper backup. Also, while you are doing the process, no other external devices should be connected to your Mac.

5. Delete Recent Apps from MacBook

While this is a rare occurrence, recently installed or updated apps can also cause the keyboard to malfunction. This may happen if the latest version of the application is unstable. Therefore, you must remove the problematic application to restore the functionality of your keyboard.

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