Recommended Best Multiplayer Games for iPhone Via Bluetooth or WiFi

Nearest iPhone Service - For those of you who like to play multiplayer games, you don't just need a PC or laptop to be able to play them. It's enough just to use an iPhone or tablet, but you only need to turn on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to be able to play multiplayer games with your friends. Make sure your co-stars have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi turned on on their device as well.

Now there are many choices of multiplayer games via Bluetooth that are fun and fun to play with those closest to you. Here are the recommendations for the best Multiplayer games via Bluetooth and WiFi that you can download to relieve boredom that might hit you:


Judging from the name alone, of course you can guess that this one game is a game with a basketball theme. Although a little oldschool, this arcade game can make players feel panicked. With a cute visual appearance, of course it can add to the fun when playing it. You will be asked to focus on 2-player matches when playing NBA JAM. You can download this fun and exciting game on iOS devices for around $0.99.

2. Minecraft: Pocket Edition

At first, Minecraft was just an indie game which was later developed into a fun and amazing mobile game. There are two games that can be used to play this game. The only way is Survival Mode, which will make you in the middle of the island. You are required to use your mind to get out of the island, through the night there, and through the monsters that are there.

C??? ke??υ? ?????? by selecting Creative Mode. In this mode, you must be able to get rid of hungry zombies to be able to roam freely in this game. A plus for this game is the LEGO-shaped player. Well, you can download this game on iOS devices for only $6.99.

3. Worms 2: Armageddon

For fans of mobile games, Worms is indeed not a foreign game. Worms 2 comes with a graphical display that is arguably better when compared to its predecessor version. In this game, you have to be able to control enemy worms that will grow big if you don't destroy them immediately.

These worms can be exterminated with a bazooka. You can also use the bazooka to collect points when you play this game. This game can be played by 4 players. You can download Worm 2: Armageddon on iOS or Android-based smartphones or tablets for $4.99 only.

4. Raging Thunder

Playing car racing games together with friends will certainly be much more fun than playing it alone. Since its release on Android Eclair devices, Raging Thunder is one of the best selling car racing games.

Even though it looks unique in appearance compared to Asphalt and Need for Speed, this game is still interesting and fun to play. Players will complete races to be able to be at the forefront of this game. Because of that, players really have to be good at maintaining speed, overtaking other racers' cars, and also not making mistakes, for example hitting a guardrail. The most interesting thing, you can download Raging Thunder for free.

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