How to Take Care of a MacBook Battery

Service MacBook Jakarta - Mac computer batteries are constantly evolving, they adapt to changing device technology to solve the problems their users face most often. Today MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops are among the best computers on the market and so are their batteries.

But carelessly using Mac batteries can drastically reduce your battery life. Taking care of your MacBook battery from the moment you buy it is something that has to be done in the long run so that your computer can run for as long as possible without needing to charge it.

Mac device batteries always stand out above the rest in terms of duration. To maintain this performance, it is necessary to treat the battery in the best possible way. Without further ado we leave you with a list of the best tips for keeping Mac batteries in good condition.

Tips for Caring for My Mac Battery

Saying that the tips you have below are different ways to take care of your Mac battery. This doesn't mean that doing any or all of them suddenly will keep your battery intact for life. In fact, batteries have a finite cycle life. These tips are for your Mac battery to last as long as possible at full capacity.

1. Software update

This is the first and foremost recommendation for caring for your Mac battery. In fact it is the first of a small list for the durability of Apple products. Software updates help increase your battery life by optimizing the power consumption used by applications. Internal code and software improvements were made to increase speed and potential bugs in the program. This improvement reduces the Mac's battery consumption.

2. Notice

By default, many Mac computers have notifications enabled. This is done to improve the user experience, but in terms of battery, it is one thing that is a bit counterproductive.

There is an option to show and hide some notifications that you don't want to see. So, the best thing without a doubt to protect battery is to not show notifications and only see them when you need them and access them directly.

3. Screen Brightness

Screen brightness by default is usually maximum. In some places it is necessary to have maximum brightness to be able to see the screen in good condition. However, there are times when using maximum brightness is unnecessary or even annoying. Brightness is one of the most battery-consuming parts of a Mac and it is worth paying special attention to. You also don't have to go to extremes and always try to keep the brightness to a minimum.

4. Bluetooth

This one feature is another little thing that is usually always on and drains the battery without realizing it. A lot of people reading this from a Mac laptop probably have bluetooth turned on and not using it. It is best to always disable bluetooth when you are not using it. And, like notifications, activate them when you're about to use them so they don't drain your battery unnecessarily.

5. Battery Percentage

While this isn't an explicit technique for caring for your Mac's battery, it is a way to get information about your battery's behavior. Having control over the battery percentage is useful for knowing if your Mac is using more battery than usual.

6. Background Apps

Whenever you open the app, it will stay active in the background. While one app won't have a huge impact on the battery, many apps that are open without being used at the same time do have a pretty big impact. You can manually see which apps are active and close them to prevent this problem. On the other hand, you can also download certain software which helps you to manage these types of applications in the background.

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